Web Disable Export and Delete Button

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Technical Name web_disable_export_delete_button
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Web Disable Export and Delete Button

This module makes the actions 'Export' and 'Delete' (visible on the list view of each model under Actions drop-down) enabled only for the users that have the Export Button / Delete Button group checked.

A superuser (admin) always sees the Export and Delete buttons.


Enable the group "Export Button" to the users who are allowed to make use of the option 'Export' and the "Delete Button" to the users allowed to delete records.


Original idea from module web_disable_export_group by Onestein, reviewed and modified for v11 by InfoTerra.


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Re: Access right does not affect
Antonio Buric
on 6/5/18, 7:09 AM Author

@Abdalla Mohamed: can you please report more info on your issue on the github repository - I tested it and couldn't reproduce it as you specified. Please note that this module acts only on the tree views, and when you change the setting, a complete refresh of the page is needed. It doesn't affect the admin user who is able to view both buttons regardless of the setting (this is done explicitly for the superadmin role)^^

Access right does not affect
Abdalla Mohamed
on 5/29/18, 8:47 PM

For export button is hidden for all users except admin and group does not affect to show or hide it. For delete button appear for all users regard to group

@Vinay: v10 (without the delete button group):
Antonio Buric
on 8/21/18, 1:42 AM Author


Can you make it for v 10?
Vinay Khosla
on 8/19/18, 9:37 AM

Hi, can you make this module for v10 as well? Thanks,

to Andy Lee and ostot@noisehouse.fi
Antonio Buric
on 8/1/18, 12:59 PM Author

yes, there was a bug with this part of the .js logic - thanks! it's corrected now.

to ostot@noisehouse.fi
Andy Lee
on 8/1/18, 1:15 AM

take this.sidebar = new Sidebar() out of if (this.is_action_enabled('delete')) {} will resolve this error

Error loading tree view
on 7/12/18, 8:50 AM

http://localhost:8069/web/content/2806-66b7c73/web.assets_backend.js:2977 Virheloki: TypeError: Cannot read property 'appendTo' of undefined at Class.renderSidebar (http://localhost:8069/web/content/2806-66b7c73/web.assets_backend.js:2977:14) at Class.render_view_control_elements (http://localhost:8069/web/content/2806-66b7c73/web.assets_backend.js:489:92) at Class._display_view (http://localhost:8069/web/content/2806-66b7c73/web.assets_backend.js:483:266) at Object. (http://localhost:8069/web/content/2806-66b7c73/web.assets_backend.js:482:49) at Object. (http://localhost:8069/web/content/2413-4be4c01/web.assets_common.js:802:681) at fire (http://localhost:8069/web/content/2413-4be4c01/web.assets_common.js:796:299) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (http://localhost:8069/web/content/2413-4be4c01/web.assets_common.js:801:198) at Object.deferred.(anonymous function) [as resolve] (http://localhost:8069/web/content/2413-4be4c01/web.assets_common.js:803:56) at http://localhost:8069/web/content/2806-66b7c73/web.assets_backend.js:481:373 at fire (http://localhost:8069/web/content/2413-4be4c01/web.assets_common.js:796:299)