Attachments on Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

This addon allows to store the attachments (documents and assets) on Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.


Activate Azure Blob storage:

  • Create or set the system parameter with the key ir_attachment.location and the value in the form azure.
  • Configure accesses with the following environment variables:
Name Description Values
AZURE_STORAGE_CONNECTION_STRING Connection string. Required if using the connection string authentication method.
AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME Name of the storage account. Required if using the storage account authentication method.
AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_URL URL of the storage account  
AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_KEY Key of the storage account  
AZURE_STORAGE_NAME Name of the container within the blob storage. 1 container per database will be created. Optional. The strings {db} and {env} can be used inside that variable and the values will be replaced respectively by the database name and environment name.
AZURE_DUPLICATE If set, the blob storage and all its objects will be copied when the database is duplicated. True
AZURE_DELETE_ON_DBDROP If set, the container and all its objects will be deleted when the database is dropped. True

One container will be created per database using the RUNNING_ENV environment variable and the name of the database. By default, RUNNING_ENV is set to dev.

The container name will also be stored in the database for each attachment, and will be used to access the right container in the storage.

This addon must be added in the server wide addons with (--load option):


The System Parameter can be customized to force storage of files in the database. See the documentation of the module base_attachment_object_storage.


  • You need to call env['ir.attachment'].force_storage() after having changed the ir_attachment.location configuration in order to migrate the existing attachments to Azure Blob Storage.

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