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Technical Name bo_report_preprint
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Technical Name bo_report_preprint

Ideal for creating contracts and other documents.


Technological solutions

Bitodoo -

Template report ODT file

Out file render template

Start py3o.template Documentation

Output formats:

  • ODF Text Document [.odt]
  • Portable Document Format [.pdf]
  • Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP [.doc]
  • Microsoft Office Open XML [.docx]
  • ODF Spreadsheet [.ods]
  • Microsoft Word Text Rich [.rtf]

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Install module in S.O. based Linux

  • Red Hat
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Mandriva
  • Ubuntu
  • OpenSUSE
  • Others linux distro.

Pre-Installation Requirements

  • Unoconv: Convert files to any format that supports LibreOffice. Website: Unoconv example install ubuntu O.S.

# apt-get install unoconv subversion

Install py3o.template with python 3 support

  • py3o.template: An easy solution to design reports using OpenOffice, for basic templating (odt->odt and ods->ods only)

Ref: py3o.template install

Preferably install in this order:

py3o.template is python3 ready. But, yes there is a but... alas!, you'll need to install a trunk version of Genshi.

pip3 install py3o.template==0.9.12

Uninstall genshi

pip3 uninstall genshi

And we reinstall genshi

svn checkout genshi_trunk

cd genshi_trunk

python3 build

python3 install

Supported output format combinations (Template -> Output):

  • odt -> odt (default)
  • odt -> pdf
  • odt -> doc
  • odt -> docx
  • odt -> pds
  • rtf -> rtf


If the program unoconv default output will show in ODT format regardless of the output field you selected in the report is not installed.

  • Fully Supports Odoo Version 12.0 Community

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