POS Retail with Responsive Design (Community)



v 11.0 v 12.0 Third Party 91
Required Apps Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Sales (sale_management)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Purchase (purchase)
Employees (hr)
Technical Name flexiretail_com_advance
LicenseSee License tab
Also available in version v 13.0 v 11.0
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Required Apps Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Sales (sale_management)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Purchase (purchase)
Employees (hr)
Technical Name flexiretail_com_advance
LicenseSee License tab
Also available in version v 13.0 v 11.0

Odoo 12 POS Retail with Responsive Design (Community)

POS Retail with Responsive Design (Community)

1. This module is tested and working in Odoo community edition but not tested in Enterprise version.
2. We are supporting Ubuntu OS and not Windows OS.
3. This module support minimum 10"(Inch) screen for responsive design.
4. We will not support if any third party customization or changes. We support only core module.


  • POS Login Screen
  • Customer Screen
  • Order/line Note
  • E-Receipt
  • Rounding
  • Order Screen
  • Quick Cash Payment
  • Product Screen
  • Pricelist Extension
  • Current Screen Lock
  • Show Cart Details
  • Order/Product Return
  • Bag Charges
  • Out of Stock Details
  • Payment Charges
  • Draft Order
  • Operations on Order
  • Display Warehouse Quantity
  • Direct POS Login From Database
  • Product Internal Transfer
  • Vertical Categories
  • Multi Stores/Branches
  • POS Load Background
  • Credit/Debit Management
  • Default Customer
  • Display Product Pictures
  • Set Product Valid Days from Backend
  • RFID POS Login
  • Product Variants
  • Delivery Order Management
  • Product Synchronization
  • Extended Sale Order Operations
  • Order Synchronization between Cashier and Salesperson
  • Serial/Lot Numbers
  • Partial Payment
  • Order Reservation
  • Create Purchase Order
  • Money In/Out From Cash Drawer
  • Print Last Receipt
  • Promotions
  • Display Stock for Product
  • Loyalty Programme
  • Gift Card
  • Gift Voucher
  • Print Product Return Valid days
  • Card Charges
  • Wallet Management
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Multi Terminal Lock
  • Session Close (Cash Control)
  • Keyboard Shortcut
  • Generate Different Barcode and Unique Internal Ref.
  • Themes
  • Assign SalesMan with Order


  • POS Graph View
  • X-Report
  • Today Sale Report
  • Z-Report
  • Sales Summary
  • Orders Summary
  • Products Summary
  • Payment Summary
  • Session & Inventory Audit
  • Product Expiry Report
  • Partner Ledger
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit/Loss Report
  • Aged Payable
  • Aged Receivable
  • Tax Report
  • Non Moving Stock Report
  • Pending Payment Report


  • POS Sales (Front-end)
  • POS Sales (Back-end)
  • Product Expiry (Front-end)
  • Product Expiry (Back-end)

Prerequisite Packages

  • sudo pip3 install python-barcode
  • sudo pip3 install simplejson

How to use

  • Login Screen (User Name And Security PIN)

  • Home Screen

  • Customer Screen

  • Product Screen

  • Create Product

  • Products Display in Listview

  • Payment Screen

  • Cart Details

  • Order Screen

Order/Line Note

    - Add Note in orderline
    - Attech order note
  • Add Product Note

  • Added product note in orderline.

  • Add Order Note

Bag Charges

    - Bag charges apply in cart
  • Bag Charges

  • Bag Charges Applied in Cart.

  • POS Bag charges is printed on receipt.

  • Warehouse Product Quantity

Customer Display

    - Customer Display
    - If there is guest customer for store then customer can directly enter detail like Name,Mobile,Email and that customer will be register in database while creating order.
    - Customer can give feedback by select Rating (1 to 5 Star)
  • Customer Display.

  • Lock POS Screen Popup

  • Lock POS Screen

Delivery Management

    - Add Delivery charges to order.
    - Add Delivery information at payment screen like Delivery address, Date, Time and Delivery User.
    - All Delivery orders to be shown in Delivery Screen.
    - Allocated Delivery User can deliver order from Delivery screen if order is not paid then Delivery user can take payment from Delivery screen.
  • Delivery Charges

  • Enter delivery details.

  • Delivery details is printed on receipt.

  • Order has been moved to Delivery screen.

  • Delivery User can get payment of unpaid order while delivery.

  • Delivery Receipt when order got delivered.

  • Delivery User can be changed from here.

Product Return

    - Product Return by two way with receipt or without receipt.
    - With Receipt it will allow to scan barcode of order.
    - Select product for return.
  • Product Return

  • Select Product for Return

Draft Order & Partial Payment

    - Create Draft Order
    - Pay Order in Partial Order amount

Credit/Debit Management

    - Sale product to customers on Credit/Debit
  • Customer pay advance amount and we add that amount in customer's Credit accont.
  • If Customer having credit amount then that customer can pay order by Credit amount.
  • Add Credit amount to customer account.

  • Credit amount receipt.

  • Pay order with credit amount.

  • Customer can purchase products based on assigned Debit limit.
  • We can assign Debit limit to customer.
  • Customer can pay due amount and unlock the Debit limit.
  • Add Debit limit to customer account.

  • Make order with Debit amount.

  • Pay Due amount and unlock Debit limit.

  • Pay Debit amount receipt.

Order Reservation

    - Create Order with Reservation Mode
    - Reserved orders history
    - Set Delivery Date for Order
    - Pay Order in small amount
    - Cancel Reserved order
  • Select Reservation Mode instead of Sale Mode
  • Create Order in Reservation by pay some amount or with zero amount
  • Check user limit for create reservation order.
  • Set Delivery date for order.

  • Reservation Order History.
  • Pay Reserve order.
  • Cancel Reserve order.
  • Change Delivery date of Reserve order.
  • Reprint Receipt of order.

Extended Sale Order Operations

    - Create Sale order from POS(Quotations, Confirm, Paid)
    - Partial Payment of Sale order
    - Edit Quotations
    - Add or Create Shipping Address and Invoice Address
    - Add Sale order Note and Signature.
    - View Sale order with Searching and Filtering functionality
    - Return Sale order
    - User can see only own Sale order or all orders based on User's Rights
    - Create Sale order from Selected Warehouse
    - View open Invoices
    - Pay and Print Invoices
  • To create Sale order from POS and View past sale orders.
  • "Create Sale Order" button appears as per the configuration.

  • This popup appears when user creating sale order, either sale order operation is Quotations or Confirm or paid.
  • Change order date, add shipping address or create new one.

  • Add invoice address or create new one.

  • Set note for Sale order.

  • Sign for Sale order.

  • Direct link to view latest created sale order.

  • Sale order list
  • User can edit Quotations, Partial or full pay of Quotations or Confirm order

  • User can return sale order fully or partially.

  • Invoices list
  • User can pay and print open invoices.

Loyalty programme

    - How to Create Loyalty Rule
    - Earn Loyalty points
    - Redeem Loyalty points
  • Create loyalty Rule

  • Earn loyalty points

  • Redeem Loyalty Points

  • After Redeem Points.

  • Loyalty Information printed on receipt.


    - Rounding order amount based on two way (Degits and Points).
  • Rounding

  • Before Rounding the order amount

  • After Rounding the order amount

Product Sale with Serial/Lot Number

    - Assign Serial/Lot number from POS while add product in cart

Pricelist Extension

    - POS Pricelist Extension with keyboard shortcuts

  • After apply pricelist.

Internal Transfer

  • Transfer Products between Internal Location

  • By click on link Navigate to Transfer directly.

  • Created Internal Tranfer.

Gift Card

    - Create Gift Card
    - Edit Gift Card
    - Recharge Gift Card
    - Exchange Gift Card
    - How to use Gift Card
  • Create Gift Card
  • There are two type of cards, Free and Paid.
  • Here we can see the popup for create paid gift card.

  • Here is confirmation popup before going to create paid gift card.

  • Paid Giftcard detail is printed on receipt.

  • Here we can see the popup for create free gift card in below image.

  • Giftcard detail is printed on receipt.

  • Gift Card Screen

  • Edit Gift Card

  • Recharge Gift Card

  • Here is confirmation popup before going to recharge card.

  • Recharge Giftcard details is printed on receipt.

  • Exchange Gift Card

  • How to Redeem Gift Card.

  • User can see all giftcards.

  • We can see card details.

  • Card usage history.

  • Card recharge history.

  • Exchange Card history.

  • Define card type with name and code.

Gift Voucher

    - How to Create Gift Voucher
    - How to Use Gift Voucher
    - Redemption Order: User can apply particular voucher (n) number of times in single order.
    - Redemption Customer: Customer can use particular voucher (n) number of times.
  • Create Gift Voucher

  • Gift Voucher Screen

  • How to Redeem Gift Voucher

  • Redeem Voucher by scanning barcode.

  • After Redeem Gift Voucher.

  • Gift Voucher Information printed on receipt.

  • Voucher Redeemption information.

  • All Voucher Redeemption history.

Out of Stock

    - Create Purchse Order
    - Print POS or Thermal Receipt of Out of Stock Products
  • Out of Stock Product Screen in Kanban View.

  • Out of Stock Product Screen in List View.

  • Select products and print POS or Thermal Receipt for out of stock product.

  • Out of stock product is printed on receipt.

  • Create Purchase Order.

  • We can see purchase order created as per bellow image.

Wallet Management

    - Customer can add money in Wallet.
    - Payment with Wallet Amount.
    - Maintain Wallet History.
    - Customer wallet information print on receipt.
  • - How to use customer wallet

    • Add to wallet amount is printed on receipt.

    • How to Use Wallet.

    • Information of perticular customer wallet in below image.

    • Information of wallet details in below image.

    Money In/Out From Cash Drawer

      - Put Money in Cashdrawer.
      - Take Money in Cashdrawer.
      - Print transcation detail in Receipt.
      - Maintain History of Money In/Out.
    • While click on money in or take money out, popup will appear ask for reason and amount for the transaction.

    • Put Money In details printed on receipt.

    • Take Money Out details printed on receipt.


      - Create Promotion
      - Buy X get Y Free
      - Buy X get Discount on Y
      - Discount(%) on order Total
      - Percentage Discount on Quantity
      - Fixed Discount on Quantity
      - Discount on Combination Products
      - Discount on Multiple Categories
      - Discount on Above Price
    • Create Promotion.

    • User can see applied promotion on cart.

    • Applied promotions can also be seen on the Receipt Screen.

    Multi-Termianl Lock & Broadcast Message

      - User can Lock/Unlock the running session of other user remotly (If having rights)
      - Send Internally message across all POS Personal/Broadcast to everyone.
    • Broadcast Messages & Multi Terminal Lock

    • Other user got message.

    • Popup for close session or logout from POS.

    • Closing Cash Cotrol popup

    Generate Different Barcode and Unique Internal Ref.

      - Generate Different Type of Barcodes
      - Generate Internal Ref. for Products
    • Configurations.

    • Menu of Genrate Barcode and Internal Ref.

    • Generate Barcodes for selected Products.

    • Generate Internal Ref. for selected Products.

    Multi Stores/Branches.

      - Manage POS based on stores/branches.
      - Load Product and Categories based on Selected Store.
      - Swich Store from POS interface based on User's Access Rights.
    • Create Store/Branch.

    • Load Products and Categories based on Store.

    • Select Stores/Branches for Company.

    • Provide Access Rights to User for Switch Store.

    • Switch Store from POS.

    Display Product Pictures

    • To disable "Product Pictures" product image will not display on POS front end side.

    Default Customer

    • Set the customer.

    • Default customer is set as per POS configuration when pos load.

    • Click on Default Customer to set customer in POS Screen and POS Configuration.

    Set Product Valid Days from Backend (POS Category or Product Wise)

    • Go to Point Of Sale > Product > Set Valid Days

    • Click on "Set Valid Days" open product set valid days wizard.

    Order Synchronization.

      - Order Sync between Cashier and Salesman.
      - There is two type of User Cashier and Salesman.
      - Salesman can be Selected under Cashier type User.
      - Salesman only can create Draft Order.
      - Cashier get instant Notification as soon as Salesman Create Order.
      - Cashier get Order in Own POS Screen for payment.
    • Configuration for Order Sync.

    • Salesman Created Order.

    • Cashier got Order Created by Salesman in Draft.

    Reports From POS(Front-end)

      - POS Graph View Report
      - X-Report
      - Today Sale Report
      - Z-Report
      - Sales Summary
      - Payment Summary
      - Products Summary
      - Orders Summary
      - Session & Inventory Audit Report
    • POS Graph

    • X-Report

    • Today Sale Report

    • Payment Summary
      - Salesperson wise print summary

      - Journal wise print summary

    • Products Summary

    • Orders Summary

    • Session and Inventory Audit Report
      - Once you click on "Session and Inventory Report" you can see list of pos session which is currently running.

    Reports From POS(Back-end)

      - Cash In/Out History
      - X-Report
      - Z-Report
      - Sales Summary
    • Cash In/Out History

    • X-Report

    • Z-Report

    • Sales Summary Report (Only Summary)

    • Sales Summary Report (Based on users)

    Accounting Reports

    • Here you can see PDF and XLS reports.

    Partner Ledger Report

    General Ledger Report

    Trial Balance Report

    Balance Sheet

    Profit/Loss Report

    Aged Receivable Report

    Aged Payble Report

    Tax Report

    Non Moving Stock Report

    • Go to Inventory > Reporting > Non Moving Stock

    • Define Report Criteria.

    • PDF file.

    • XLS file.

    • Group By product category.

    • Select the groups from configuration to send the mail to users who belong to that groups.

    • You can send the email using send mail button.

    Product Expiry Report

    • User need to enable Lots & Serial Numbers and Expiration Dates from Inventory/Settings/Traceability.

    • After selecting select the "Reporting" tab and then select the "Product Expiry Report" menu to open a wizard.

    • Enter "Generate Report For(Days)" for display products which are being expiring expiring during entered days.And select "Group By" option by which you want to do group by of data.You can group by(Location) or group by(Category)

    • If you want to display data of specified location then select locations in "Location" field.If you want to display products of all locations which products are available then select nothing in "Category".To print report click on "Print PDF" or "Print Excel" button.

    • Display products which are group by "Location".

    • If you want to display data of specified category then select group by(Category)option and select categories in "Category" field.If you want to display products of all categories which products are available then select nothing in "Category".To print report click on "Print PDF" or "Print Excel" button.

    • Display data which is group by "Category".

    Pending Payment Report

    • Go to Point Of Sale > Reporting > Pending Payment Report

    • Select the type of the Report. "With Details" gives you payment details with individual payment lines with Date and accounting journal.

    Sales Dashboard(Front-end)

      - Payment By Journals Report
      - Today Hourly Sales Report
      - Current Month Sales Report
      - Last 12 Month Sales Report
      - Product Wise Report
      - Salesperson Wise Report
      - Customer based Report (New/Existing/Guest)
    • Payment By Journals Report

    • Today Hourly Sales Report

    • Current Month Sales Report

    • Last 12 Month Sales Report

    • Product Wise Report

    • Salesperson Wise Report

    • Customer based Report (New/Existing/Guest)

    Sales Dashboard(Back-end)

      - Sales Report
      - Payment By Journal
      - Top 10 Customers, Sale By Salesman, Employee Working Hours
      - Top Items by Sales
      - Weekly Sales Details
      - Daily Gross Sales
      - Weekly Gross Sales
    • Sales Report

    • Payment By Journal

    • Top 10 Customers, Sale By Salesman, Employee Working Hours

    • Top Items by Sales

    • Weekly Sales Details

    • Daily Gross Sales

    • Weekly Gross Sales

    Product Expiry Dashboard(Front-end)

      - Nearby Expiry Products Report
      - Products Expiry Graph Report
      - Product Expiry by Category,Warehouse,Location Report
    • Nearby Expiry Products

    • Products Expiry Graph Report Report

    • Product Expiry by Category,Warehouse,Location Report

    Product Expiry Dashboard(Back-end)

      - Nearby Expiry Products Report
      - Products Expiry Graph Report
      - Product Expiry by Category,Warehouse,Location Report
    • Nearby Expiry Products

    • Products Expiry Graph Report Report

    • Product Expiry by Category,Warehouse,Location Report

    Multiple Themes

      - Select Theme of choice
    • Themes

    Product Variants

      - Select variant product based on it's attributes

    POS Login with RFID

    Change User Pin(For POS)

    • Enable configuraiton from pos config to change user pin from point of sale.
    • You can get one button on pos for change pin from point of sale left sidebar.
    • Once you will click on 'Change Pin' button then there will be open popup and change pin from there.

    Assign SalesMan with Order

    Release Notes

    Release Update - September 18, 2020
    Version - 11.1.7
    New Fixes
    • POS Rounding
    • Scan Product Barcode
    Release Update - July 21, 2020
    Version - 11.1.6
    New Fixes
    • Print report with included price tax.
    Release Update - July 09, 2020
    Version - 11.1.5
    New Fixes
    • Fixed issue when print receipt with posbox for the credit/debit payment for customer
    Release Update - June 03, 2020
    Version - 11.1.4
    New Fixes
    • Fixed issue when pay reserved order.
    Release Update - May 21, 2020
    Version - 11.1.3
    New Fixes
    • Fixed issue that lot number not coming in picking and also not coming in inventory adjustment.
    Release Update - April 14, 2020
    Version - 11.1.2
    New Fixes
    • Order Screen
    Release Update - March 18, 2020
    Version - 11.1.1
    New Fixes
    • Fixed issue in payment card charges when user convert module in other language.
    Release Update - March 11, 2020
    Version - 11.1.0
    • Enhanced displaying multiple assigned Usernames to related Config
    Release Update - March 03, 2020
    Version - 11.0.4
    New Fixes
    • Fixed POS config assignment issue
    • Fixed Direct login from POS
    Release Update - March 02, 2020
    Version - 11.0.3
    New Fixes
    • Remove warning of select salesman when login with salesman user.
    • Fixed POS config assignment issue
    • Fixed Direct login from POS
    Release Update - February 19, 2020
    Version - 11.0.2
    New Fixes
    • Fixed Credit issue.
    Release Update - February 14, 2020
    Version - 11.0.1
    New Fixes
    • Fixed Partial Payment issue in Sale Order.
    Release Update - January 31, 2020
    Version - 11.0.0
    What's New
    • Assign sales man with order.
    Release Update - January 22, 2020
    Version - 10.2.5
    • Highlight modified order in order sync popup and Blink order if any order is modified.
    Release Update - December 06, 2019
    Version - 10.1.5
    • Load all POS Order from POS.
    New Fixes
    • POS Promotion.
    • Related to Designing
    Release Update - November 01, 2019
    Version - 10.0.4
    New Fixes
    • Print Z Report When Close Session from POS.
    Release Update - October 31, 2019
    Version - 10.0.3
    New Fixes
    • Delivery Management
    Release Update - October 30, 2019
    Version - 10.0.2
    New Fixes
    • POS Dashboard
    Release Update - September 17, 2019
    Version - 10.0.1
    New Fixes
    • Restrict Order Quantity Limit
    • POS Dashboard (Backend)
    Release Update - September 05, 2019
    Version - 10.0.0
    What's New
    • Pending Payment Report
    • Set Product Valid Days from Backend (POS Category or Product Wise)
    Release Update - September 03, 2019
    Version - 9.3.15
    • Decimal Accuracy wise Print Backend Report
    Release Update - August 30, 2019
    Version - 9.2.15
    • Customer Load from Background Side
    Release Update - August 22, 2019
    Version - 9.1.15
    New Fixes
    • Tax Details Print on Z report.
    • Out of Stock.
    Release Update - August 20, 2019
    Version - 9.1.14
    New Fixes
    • Print Last Receipt.
    Release Update - August 07, 2019
    Version - 9.1.13
    New Fixes
    • Sales Summary Report.
    • POS Sales Dashboard (Back-end).
    Release Update - July 29, 2019
    Version - 9.1.12
    New Fixes
    • Product Sync.
    Release Update - July 26, 2019
    Version - 9.1.11
    New Fixes
    • Customer Loading.
    Release Update - July 18, 2019
    Version - 9.1.10
    New Fixes
    • Display Product Quantity with Partial Payment.
    Release Update - July 11, 2019
    Version - 9.1.9
    New Fixes
    • Go to Settings -> Active the developer mode

      Go to Settings -> Technical -> System Parameter -> Create a new record and add following key and value, key: stock.module_product_expiry,Value: True, Then save the record and refresh the page.

    • Expiry Dashboard Dependency(Module Uninstall).
    Release Update - July 05, 2019
    Version - 9.1.8
    New Fixes
    • Z-Report.
    • POS Dashboard (Back-end).
    Release Update - June 11, 2019
    Version - 9.1.7
    • Print Z-Report Based on Configuration while Close POS Session from Front-end
    Release Update - June 7, 2019
    Version - 9.0.7
    New Fixes
    • Customer Display
    • Partial Payment
    • Searching in Out of Stock and Dashboard
    • Desinging
    Release Update - May 27, 2019
    Version - 9.0.6
    New Fixes
    • Product Loading
    Release Update - May 23, 2019
    Version - 9.0.5
    New Fixes
    • E-Receipt
    • POS Dashboard (Backend)
    • Designing
    Release Update - May 20, 2019
    Version - 9.0.4
    New Fixes
    • X-Report
    • Z-Report
    • Close Session (Front-end)
    Release Update - May 16, 2019
    Version - 9.0.3
    New Fixes
    • Credit/Debit
    • Searching in Product and Out of Stock Screen
    Release Update - May 16, 2019
    Version - 9.0.2
    New Fixes
    • Logo in POS Ticket
    • Order Reservation
    • Login Screen
    • Designing
    Release Update - May 13, 2019
    Version - 9.0.1
    New Fixes
    • Product Load Background
    • Product Variant
    • Product Cache
    Release Update - May 3, 2019
    Version - 9.0.0
    What's New
    • Non Moving Stock Report
    • Product Expiry Report
    New Fixes
    • Product Variant
    Release Update - May 1, 2019
    Version - 8.0.0
    What's New
    • Accounting Reports
    • Change User PIN
    New Fixes
    • Searching in Sale Order and Invoice screens
    • Login Button
    • Order Receipt
    • Delivery Screen Payment Methods
    • Customer Order History
    • Order on Debit
    • Vertical Category
    Release Update - April 22, 2019
    Version - 7.1.3
    • Improve Validation for Sale Order Extension
    • Include Globle Discount in Reports
    • Improve Design
    • Delivery Quick Panel
    New Fixes
    • Customer Display
    • Wallet
    • Product Variants
    • Summary Reports
    • Product Synchronization
    Release Update - April 12, 2019
    Version - 7.1.2
    • Product Variant
    • Delivery Screen For Delivery Users in Back-end
    • Pending Delivery Order Panel
    New Fixes
    • Product Searching
    • Keyboard Handler
    • Customer List Screen
    • Delivery Order
    • Order Reservation
    • Gift Card Redeem
    • Payment Charges
    • Desinging
    Release Update - March 30, 2019
    Version - 7.0.1
    New Fixes
    • Customer Credit
    • Product Variants
    • Product Expiry Dashboard
    • Delivery Order
    • Promotions
    • Loyalty
    • Sale Order Extension
    • Customer Display
    • Product Sync
    • Designing
    Release Update - March 26, 2019
    Version - 7.0.0
    What's New
    • Login with RFID.
    New Fixes
    • Product Variants
    Release Update - March 25, 2019
    Version - 6.1.1
    • Add Customer Information in Receipt.
    New Fixes
    • Delivery Popup
    • Credit/Debit
    • Receipt
    • Order Summary
    • Product Note
    • Customer Wallet Info in Receipt
    • Credit Amount Popup
    • Product Variant Compatible with Product Load Background and POS Cache
    • Designing
    Release Update - March 15, 2019
    Version - 6.0.0
    What's New
    • Product Variants
    New Fixes
    • Delivery Order(COD)
    • Payment Charges
    • Partial Payment
    • Cancel Reserved Order
    • Reprint Receipt
    • Customer Display
    • Promotion
    • Out of Stock
    • Designing
    Release Update - March 08, 2019
    Version - 5.1.2
    • Improve Validation Sale Order Extension
    New Fixes
    • POS Receipt
    • Customer Display
    • Related to Designing
    • Close Session (From Front-end)
    Release Update - March 05, 2019
    Version - 5.0.1
    New Fixes
    • Gift Voucher
    • POS Reorder
    • Sale Order
    • Related to Font and Designing
    Release Update - March 04, 2019
    Version - 5.0.0
    What's New
    • Default Customer
    • Display Product Pictures
    New Fixes
    • Customer Display
    • Order Reservation
    • Gift Card
    • Cash In-Out Report
    • Gift Voucher
    • Payment Summary
    • Print Receipt
    Release Update - Feb 28, 2019
    Version - 4.7.8
    • Out of Stock
    • Bag Charges
    New Fixes
    • Credit/Debit
    • Sale Order Extension
    • Order Sync
    • Loyalty Configuration
    • POS Recipt
    • Reprint Receipt
    • Multi Store
    • Promotion
    • Keyboard Shortcut
    • Order Return
    • Product Sync
    Release Update - Feb 22, 2019
    Version - 4.6.7
    • Print thermla report when make money in/out transaction from pos.
    New Fixes
    • Category sidebar icon
    Release Update - Feb 13, 2019
    Version - 4.5.6
    New Fixes
    • Invoice button on point of sale
    • Money In Out
    Release Update - Feb 12, 2019
    Version - 4.5.5
    • Add X report with pdf and thermal print in pos.
    • Session close from pos print pdf and thermal report.
    New Fixes
    • Out of stock search product with virtual keyboard.
    • Return valid days print when click on print last receipt.
    • Select the supplier when create purchase order with Tablet.
    • Wallet with partial pay.
    • X-report and Session inventory report.
    • Print start and end date in product summary,order summary and payment summary.
    Release Update - Feb 08, 2019
    Version - 4.4.4
    • Flexiretail Logo Replaced with Company Logo.
    New Fixes
    • Country Selection in Customer Form in POS.
    Release Update - Feb 06, 2019
    Version - 4.3.3
    New Fixes
    • POS Sale Dashboard (Back-end) with Tablet.
    • Related to Designing.
    • Empty Cart.
    • Vertical Category.
    • Graph View - Profit/Loss
    • Graph View - Top Products
    • Reports - Payment Summary
    Release Update - Jan 31, 2019
    Version - 4.3.2
    • Change Voucher Create/Update Time Warning Message.
    New Fixes
    • Rounding Issue.
    Release Update - Dec 31, 2018
    Version - 4.2.1
    What's New
    • Credit/Debit Management.
    • Delivery Management.
    • Category Slider with Picture.
    New Fixes
    • Related to Designing.
    • Internal Transfer.
    • Compatible with Arabic Lang.
    Release Update - Dec 17, 2018
    Version - 3.1.0
    What's New
    • Extended Sale Order Operations.
    • POS Sale Dashboard (Back-end).
    • POS Load Background.
    Release Update - Dec 11, 2018
    Version - 2.1.0
    What's New
    • Order Synchronization.
    • Vertical Cetegories.
    • Menu icons replaced to buttons.

    NOTE: We give 60 days support for our customers. Before trying in your live db, please ask us to provide you for test link. If any other custom modules are installed and because of that some errors occurs then we charge extra. And this module does't support any other custom modules.

    Contact us for support, query, customization

    Website: https://acespritech.com/ | Email us | Skype: acespritech
    Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. License v1.0
    This software and associated files (the "Software") may only be used (executed,
    modified, executed after modifications) if you have purchased a valid license
    from the authors, typically via Odoo Apps, or if you have received a written
    agreement from the authors of the Software (see the COPYRIGHT file).
    You may develop Odoo modules that use the Software as a library (typically
    by depending on it, importing it and using its resources), but without copying
    any source code or material from the Software. You may distribute those
    modules under the license of your choice, provided that this license is
    compatible with the terms of the Odoo Proprietary License (For example:
    LGPL, MIT, or proprietary licenses similar to this one).
    It is forbidden to publish, distribute, sublicense, or sell copies of the Software
    or modified copies of the Software.
    The above copyright notice and this permission notice must be included in all
    copies or substantial portions of the Software.

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    very good support and wonderful module
    on 10/24/19, 3:59 AM

    very good support and wonderful module

    Request for a demo
    on 12/26/19, 9:48 PM

    Full of features and I want to test it.May I have a demo link? My email is scm.lwinmarwin@gmail.com. Thank you!

    Request of Demo
    Ratih Pebriani
    on 12/13/19, 2:18 AM

    I'm interested in apps. May I have a demo link for that? My email is ratih@trimitrasis.com Regards

    request for a demo
    on 12/11/19, 8:16 AM Confirmed Purchase

    i request for a demo my email is : essam223@gmail.com

    Request of Demo
    Sai Phyo
    on 9/4/19, 12:26 AM

    I'm interested in Flexiretail. May I have a demo link for that? My email is kosai32@gmail.com. Regards

    Request of Demo
    on 7/29/19, 10:23 AM Confirmed Purchase

    hi, may i have a demo for this module ? I am interested to purchase this module. Thank you.

    Request of demo
    on 7/5/19, 11:02 AM

    Hello, I'm interested in Flexiretail. May I have a demo for trying it? My email is stephmarcel.kouame@gmail.com Kinds Regards

    Demande de démo
    on 4/17/19, 7:44 AM

    Bonjour, je suis tellement intéressé par Flexiretail. Puis-je avoir une démo pour l'essayer? Mon email est alicouran.bayo@gmail.com

    Demo for this module
    on 1/21/19, 7:16 AM Author

    It will made in Python. I will give you demo link. Thanks.

    Request of Demo
    luis alva
    on 1/20/19, 8:06 PM

    Hello, i'm so interested in Flexiretail. I have two questions: 1) In which programming language is it made? 2) Can i get a demo to try it? My email is lalva@btg.com.pe

    on 1/17/19, 7:49 PM

    Buenas tardes podras proveerme acceso a tu demo

    @Muhammad Jamal
    on 12/17/18, 11:52 PM Author

    We are planning to make compatible with Odoo Enterprise and it will be available soon. You can further discuss on skype. Our skype : acespritech Thanks.

    is it working well on the enterprise?
    Muhammad Jamal
    on 12/16/18, 5:57 AM

    Dears, We need to buy this module and we need to know is it working well on the Enterprise? , and is there a demo link?

    Please Skype: acespritech
    on 12/10/18, 2:03 AM Author

    Need Demo
    on 12/7/18, 8:39 AM Confirmed Purchase

    Can you provide a demo link, i plan to used it with odoo 11 CE.