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Required Apps Employees (hr)
Project (project)
Lines of code 1252
Technical Name jira_connector
Also available in version v 11.0
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Odoo Jira Connector

All Futures

  • Downloading/Updating/Creating Project Information
  • Downloading/Updating/Creating Issue Information
  • Downloading Users Information
  • Connecting Jira and Odoo users (by email)
  • Downloading/Sending Attachments
  • Downloading/Creating chat messages
  • Downloading/Updating/Creating Worklogs
  • Jira epics (downloading/sending)
  • Automatic Cron action updating new information from Jira
  • Need additional info / Test server / more features / support - email me grzegorzgk1@gmail.com
  • License: Free only for testing purposes. You must buy this module otherwise.


  1. Go to test server
  2. Create new database
  3. Install "Jira Connector" module
  4. Go to: Project -> Configuration -> Jira Settings
  5. Set URL, Login, Password/Token
  6. Check settings and run cron action
  • You can create test jira instance here
  • For Jira Cloud You must set access token instead of user password in settings. More info
  • In case of any problems contact me


2.4.0 [2020-10-19]
  • Support for Jira Cloud GDPR
2.3.7 [2019-11-09]
  • Changes in "Check Settings" function, removed false-positive
2.3.6 [2019-09-30]
  • Added support for Jira Epic (downloading and sending information)
  • Added view for Jira Issue Type
  • Downloading Jira Custom Field Information
2.3.5 [2019-09-29]
  • Added 'Original Planned Hours' field
  • Integrate 'Original Planned Hours' and 'Planned Hours' between Odoo and Jira
  • [fix] Worklogs not send to Jira if created at the same time as issue
  • Other small issue fixes
2.3.4 [2019-09-23]
  • Added functionality to create sub-task in Odoo and send it to Jira
  • Small improvements in views
2.3.3 [2019-09-21]
  • Fixed issue with downloading users with atlassian accountType
2.3.2 [2019-09-18]
  • Added information about test server
2.3.1 [2019-09-17]
  • Option to modify Cron timeout time from Jira Settings view
  • Added information about license
  • Added option to download module (for testing purposes only)
2.3.0 [2019-09-04]
  • Rebulid cron method
  • Optymalization and cleanup
  • Removing worklogs deleted from jira
2.2.4 [2019-06-04]
  • Added option to disable sending data to Jira
2.2.3 [2019-03-14]
  • Fix issue with importing jira users with the duplicated email address
  • Option to modify stored Jira User key in odoo settings
2.2.2 [2019-03-07]
  • Fix issue with importing task with no creator
  • Fix issue with importing user with no email address
2.2.1 [2019-03-05]
  • Fix issue with _notify_recipients method
2.2.0 [2019-03-03]
  • Add support for Tempo Timesheets Rest Api
2.1.1 [2019-02-27]
  • Small improvements / bug fixes
2.1.0 [2019-02-26]
  • Small improvements / bug fixes / testing
2.0.0 [2019-02-25]
  • Ported to Odoo 12

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Odoo 13
on 4/28/20, 1:41 PM

Does your module support Odoo 13 Enterprise? thanks

Re: Odoo 13
Grzegorz Krukar
on 4/28/20, 2:13 PM Author

Hello, not right now. Working on a port.