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Odoo Web Login Screen v12

This project aims to give to you the new Odoo Web Login Screen


  • Blog: www.xubi.me
  • Linkedin: binhnguyenxuan
  • Skype: xubi.uit
  • Email: kid.uit.1412@gmail.com


Installation process is at present stage only possible in manual way. Then go to you odoo webinterface to the module section and start "Update module list". Then look for the "Odoo Web Login Screen" in Apps (module list) and install. I hope you enjoy checking out what all you can do with this application.


Before installing the module make sure that the you have configured an addon path for custom addons. In a Linux system the parameter in the config file usually looks similar as the following example: specify additional addons paths (separated by commas) addons_path = /opt/odoo/odoo-server/addons, /opt/odoo/custom/addons In this case you have to install the modules into /opt/odoo/custom/addons. At the present stage on dependency could not automatically resolved so you have to install one extra module that vertical community depends on.


Maybe images in github do not fit with the Odoo apps, so you can check: https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/12.0/odoo_web_login/ for more details. Thank you.

New Feature

  • Apply for module website (if installed).


Remmember that, install odoo_web_login after install module website. Or please upgrade odoo_web_login after install module website


Disable Manage Databases

Disable Manage Databases

Disable Manage Databases

Default Login Screen

Default Login Screen

Change Background by Hours

Night (from 0h -> 3h and 18h -> 23h):

Default Login Screen Night

Dawn (from 3h -> 7h):

Default Login Screen Dawn

Day (from 7h -> 16h):

Default Login Screen Day

Dusk (from 16h -> 18h):

Default Login Screen Dusk

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i am not being able to install it
on 4/3/20, 11:46 PM

I have created a custom addons folder for it , I can see it on modules list, I have given permissions to folder, but this is part of my error. Error context: View `Login Layout Inherit` [view_id: 1323, xml_id: n/a, model: n/a, parent_id: 190] None" while parsing None:10, near

XaoXao Digital
on 1/30/20, 9:29 PM

Hi Dony, Please change the value in System parameter by True.

hide manage database link
on 9/3/19, 12:07 AM

Hello.. I installed this addon, very good. but there is 1 menu that doesn't work. namely hide manage database. I have activated it, but the manage database link still appears & can be accessed. how is the solution to hide the link?

XaoXao Digital
on 1/30/20, 9:28 PM

hi Augusto Costa, please read the guide line carefully. There is also a note for website module: "Remember that, install odoo_web_login after install module website. Or please upgrade odoo_web_login after install module website". Regards,

Hello ... does it work with the website module installed?
Augusto Costa
on 1/29/20, 4:39 PM

Other modules only work without the website module installed, is yours the same?