v 12.0 Third Party 1
Required Apps Website (website)
Technical Name portal_for_saas
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Required Apps Website (website)
Technical Name portal_for_saas


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Under portal db portal12.planet-odoo.in

1. Create template form Plans menu under Saas menu.

Choose Saas Server and created Template then click on Create template db.

3. Template db will get created. As you can login to that template db from 'Log in template db' button, it will redirect you to the template db.

Under template DB

1. Install all the modules(Apps) which should be included in the plan. As you can see 2 users are created, one is Administrator go to that user. Set access rights in the admin user. Because when any client's database would be created, the system will use this template to give access to the admin user and only your company would have admin access.

2. In owner_template_login user, define the access because when any new client's database would be created, the function will use this template to give access to that user. - when client's db would be created he/she will only have specified access

3. Go to Settings->Users&Companies->OAuth Providers and click on Saas data.

4. Disable 'Allowed' checkbox if it is enabled.

Under portal db portal12.planet-odoo.in

1. In portal db portal12.planet-odoo.in Create product and choose plan in Related Saas plan field. Publish website using 'Unpublished on website' button.

2. Click on Unpublished.

For customer signup go to portal12.planet-odoo.in

1.If they don't have an account using Don't have an account? customer can signup.


3.Go to shop

4.Select product(plan).

5. Click on 'Try trial' button to create trial database (This database will get expired in 1 month) You will receive an email as shown in following screenshot

5.Click on Add to cart and keep qty as 1.

6.Click on Process checkout.

7.Add address an go to Next

8.Confirm the order.

9.Pay the invoice using 'Pay Now' button.

10. After payment, the following screenshot would show up.

Under Portal db portal12.planet-odoo.in

1. Confirm the client's quotation and create the invoice

2.Validate the invouce and then Click on Register payment . After completing Register payment the customer will get the email.

For Customer

1. Check your email and Signup with the login and go to following link.

2. It will redirect you to the form as shown in the following screenshot.

3. It will create customer db with the provided db name.

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