v 12.0 Third Party 733
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Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Lines of code 321
Technical Name pos_multi_variant
Also available in version v 15.0 v 13.0 v 14.0
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Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Lines of code 321
Technical Name pos_multi_variant
Also available in version v 15.0 v 13.0 v 14.0

POS Product Multi Variant

Configure Multi-Variant Products For POS


POS Multi-variant module is an advanced way for managing product variants from the point of sale application. The module helps the user to configure product variants straight from POS. User can set extra price, also activate/inactivate the option for variants. As multi-variant products are displayed with a label, it comes easy for the user to sort which is multi-variant and which is not. User can confirm the variant type to POS orders.


Multi-variant option in product configuration.

Option for adding extra price for the variant.

Option for activating/inactivating variant types in POS.

Notification for multi-variant products in POS.

Easy selection of variant type from wizard.

Displays variant details in order receipt and order.


Products > Enable POS

After installation, go to Products > Enable POS variants option.

Configure variants

Here you have an option to configure different variants.

See multi-variant products

Open the POS session, you can see the product with multi-variants.

Variant selection window pop-up

Variant selection window pop-ups, upon selecting a product having multi-variants.

Choose desired variants

Choose required variants of the product.

Confirmed variants get listed in the POS order list

On confirming the variants, it gets listed in the order list of POS session.

Variant details in the order receipt

The order receipt will be shown as below,


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Nice one
Tintu Mon
on 6/2/21, 3:33 AM

Any possibility of available in odoo version 13

Module works on pos v13
on 3/1/21, 12:19 PM

Hello Again,
I have the module worked on pos verison 13, 
However, there are some bugs that i founds such as all variants products appeared on the main product screen. and the added price is not included in the order details nor the total. 

Thank you 

Module does not apply the vairant correctly
Ali Sultan
on 12/22/20, 5:23 AM


I have tested this module but unfortuanelty it does not apply the variant correctly. 

I have set the variant for one product, but when going to the pos and adding multiple products and choosing the variant product more than once, the variant applies to the latest product in the list and not to the original product. 



POS Doesn't Work after installing this module
Sithija Gamage
on 9/22/20, 1:17 AM


Yesterday (21/09/2020), I installed the POS muti-varient module. But the POS doesn't load when I activate a POS session.

Please help.

Thank You


Re: POS Doesn't Work after installing this module
Cybrosys Technologies
on 9/22/20, 2:59 AM Author

Thanks for reporting.

We will check and update

it will better if you can send an email to odoo@cybrosys.com, it will help us to reach you back after the checking.

Bill of materials
on 1/27/20, 10:24 PM

Hi, how i can attach the POS variants to my list of materials in Odoo 12 Community version?, thanks.

Re: Bill of materials
Cybrosys Technologies
on 1/31/20, 11:12 PM Author

You can't attach these POS variants to your bill of materials from the current scenario. This is only applicable to Point of sale only. If you want to add these variants to your BOM also, it needs customization. Thank you

not working
on 9/18/19, 7:57 AM

after install the app my pos not loaded

Re: not working
Cybrosys Technologies
on 9/26/19, 2:27 AM Author

Thanks for reporting Please get a latest copy, Issue fixed

Mohammed Alawi
on 11/20/21, 6:18 PM

is it available for odoo version 13

can we have it in v14?
on 7/9/21, 3:05 AM

Can we get this module in v14?

Nice one,
Tintu Mon
on 6/2/21, 3:33 AM

Any possibility for available in version 13

Nice work.
Tintu Mon
on 6/2/21, 3:31 AM

Any possibility for version 13.0?

Re: Nice work.
Cybrosys Technologies
on 6/2/21, 6:06 AM Author

Since the demand is very few, Its in our lover priority item to upgrade.
You can reach us on odoo@cybrosys.com, in case it is that much important for you.

Module does not work on pos v13
on 3/1/21, 8:36 AM

I have installed the module on pos 13. I can see the pos variant checkbox on the products. and also the  pos variant page on the notebook. 

However, when I open the session i got error message [object Object] traceback is not available. 

I checked the pycharm that is the error message

raise ValueError("Invalid field %r on model %r" % (name, self._name))

ValueError: Invalid field 'variants.tree' on model 'variants.tree'

How to migrate this onto version 13 pos ? Thank you

Total Zero
on 10/11/20, 12:45 AM
Hi I have this issue, if the currency symbol was before the amount, the total is zero
Re: Total Zero
Cybrosys Technologies
on 10/12/20, 6:53 AM Author

Thanks for reporting,

We will check and update

Price Zero
on 10/10/20, 10:43 PM
if I use the variants the price remains at zero.

POS is not working
Sithija Gamage
on 9/22/20, 1:13 AM

I installed this module in my Odoo 12 community but when I load POS, the POS doesn't appear please support

Module Version
Gerardo Barragan
on 4/27/20, 10:58 AM

Do you plan to update this module to works with odoo 13? I installed it and pos does not load when active :(