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Odoo Online
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Odoo Apps Dependencies Calendar (calendar)
Employees (hr)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Discuss (mail)
Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Community Apps Dependencies
Lines of code 15551
Technical Name spa_salon_pos
Versions 11.0 10.0 12.0

Spa & Salon Point of Sale

Easy to use & compatible with any device.

Demo of System

Main Spa & Salon POS Features

  • Easy Booking and Scheduling
  • Insert Customer Details From Front end POS
  • Easy To Manage Waiting Queue
  • Employee/Beautician Configuration and Management
  • Employee/Beautician Management
  • Employee/Beautician Commission Management
  • Chair Management and Allocation
  • Customer/Member Management
  • Data Analysis With The Use Of Business Intelligence
  • Membership Enrollment

Easy Booking and Scheduling

One or Multiple services booking by the customer can be done over a phone call or walk-in by customer/member.

Easy calendar views to manage appointments.

Send email notification on the booking confirmation.

Calendar View (For Advanced Bookings)

The calendar view is for the booking of services by customers/members.

New bookings, as well as the information regarding all the bookings, can be done from the calendar view.

The calendar view enables the managers/Owners to manage the beauticians and customers.

Employee / Beautician Configuration

Employee configuration is done against respective specialized services.

If no employee is assigned to any of the services then that service will not be visible in the front-end of the POS.

Employee / Beautician is allocated to customers/members according to the service they choose and/or according to their preferences.

Chair Management

Allocation of chairs to Employee/beautician to work on it.

Only the chairs assigned to the user can be seen by the user as to make the system compartmentalized.

Easy viewing of allocated chairs and empty chairs.

Helps in providing quick service to the customers/members.

The same chair can not be assigned to two different floors & chair names are dynamically automatically sequentially generated upon creation.

Employee/ Beautician Management

POS system for salon makes easy to select the right Employee/beautician for the right work and right customer.

The manager can allocate the task to the Employee/beautician on depending upon the preference of the customer also.

Managers can select the beauticians based upon their respective skills.

Membership Enrollment

Customers can enroll themselves as a member of Salon to get added benefits offered by the salon.

Customers can choose to be a member of the Spa-salon by purchasing any particular membership scheme from the list of available membership at any given point of time.

It also sends different types of mail notification like when membership buys, membership payment and expires day, before one day, ten days of membership expired which keeps the member updated about the facilities he/she is using.

Manage Commission of Employee / Beautician

  • By Section Method: The commission is given based on how much revenue is generated by the Employee / Beautician. The percentage of the commission will be calculated based upon the section decided and percentage assigned to that section.
  • Fixed Percentage Method: A fixed percentage type commission can be defined and assigned to the Employee/beautician and according to that fixed percentage, the commission is calculated automatically for the respective Employee/beautician.

Spa-salon POS Order Screen

For the Spa-salon system, we have customized the module even further. Two new buttons Salon Order and Apply Scheme button will be added as new features after the installation of this module in the spa-salon system.

Insert Customer Details From Front end POS

Users can create new customers directly from POS front-end or select from the existing ones. It also has quick search functionality for finding the right customer.

Order Execution

Customer/Member proceeds with their Booking ID to take their services.

Upon entering the booking ID, the list of the requested services is displayed on the front end of POS.

The list of services will be updated as the service is progressed.

Users can add new services from here or can delete the previously selected.

Easy To Manage Waiting Queue

Manage waiting queue for customers as Time management is the most essential thing for both customers and Salon owners/Managers.

It displays customer services and manages the queue as per service duration. The display will be categorized according to the category of the service.

It is a real-time display that will show the details about the remaining time of the next service according to which the next service can be commenced.

Service Payments

Service payment through scanning the barcodes on the receipt is also a very unique feature that we have. This quick turnaround ensures that time will not be wasted on data entry or retrieval.

The receipt is generated as per the Booking id / Order id of the customer.

Spa-salon system allows you to put together a variety of payment options for customers, which would be viewed as a commitment to make things easier for them.

Data Analysis Using Business Intelligence

This module also provides various types of essential reports, some are PDF reports & some are Business Intelligence reports for the data analysis.

Analysis on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis of the sales can also be done.

Revenue Analysis: Analysis of Revenue Generated by Company on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis can be done as well.

Analysis of Employee / Beautician: Based on Employee / Beautician Performance which can be obtained from the Employee / Beautician commissions based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.

Data Analysis Using Business Intelligence

Menuitem: Setting User Companies Users.

  • Here, We have three types of group:-
  • Manager
  • Beautician
  • User

Benefits of Salon & Spa Management System

  • Full ERP for Spa and Saloon Business
  • Replace your Daily Admin Tasks with Automation and Tools
  • Dashboard Displays up to date Bookings, Actions and Notifications
  • Fits any Size Businesst
  • POS Results in Increased Revenue
  • One Click Commission Calculation Reports
  • Supports Barcode Scanner
  • Comprehensive Membership Management
  • Easy to Launch Schemes and Packages on Festivals

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I`m interested in this module. Could you please give me access on a demo DV on 15 or 16 Community.

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Thanks in advance

Jay Vora - SerpentCS
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I emailed you the required info on provided email by your side


good app to use.
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