User Login Alert

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Technical name user_login_alert
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Technical name user_login_alert
Read description for v 11.0 v 10.0

User Login Alert

User will be notified on Successful login

Cybrosys Technologies
cybrosys technologies


This module will send a notification email to the users email. The notification email contains the IP of the system, browser name and OS from which the account is accessed.


Email notification on Log in

Details of the system that accessed the account

IP, OS and browser as well as log in time will be there in the notification email

User will receive notification only if user exist in group receive login notification


Adding user to the login notification group
user will receive notification only if he is added in this group

User received e-mail on successful login


If the user is logging in from the same system, user will be only notified for the first time

If the user changes the browser or OS from the same system, the notification email will be received

if user logged in from a new system , notification mail will send

Users IP, OS ad browser details will be stored in User form

Logging in from above IP ,browser and OS user wont be notified

This will get updated based on users latest login

This will details be visible only in developer mode

cybrosys technologies

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IP address!
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Hello, Thanks for sharing this useful module. I have noticed that reported IP is always local host's IP i.e. Could you please look into it? Thanks again!