v 10.0 v 12.0 Third Party 20
Required Apps Inventory (stock)
Manufacturing (mrp)
Lines of code 2137
Technical Name vit_stock_card_pro
Also available in version v 10.0
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This modul is used to display stock movement card per product per Warehouse and product in, out, balance summary per Warehouse.

Must enable Tracking by Lots/Serial number in Inventory Configuration.

Create new stock card, select product, select date range, select warehouse and then calculate.

Stock card can be breakdown by serial or lot number to monitor the expired date.

Stock card can be printed to PDF as any normal Odoo report.

Create Stock summary, select product, select Warehouse, select data range to display current stock move in, out, and balance of existing product.

Stock Summary can be breakdown by serial or lot number to monitor the expired date.

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Could this application work on version 14 ?
Karim Abdo
on 3/13/21, 4:00 AM

Error Modul
on 6/25/20, 9:39 AM Confirmed Purchase

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Stock Card Multi Company
on 6/1/20, 4:09 AM Confirmed Purchase

Pak..ini bisa buat multi company ??