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Technical Name web_digital_sign
Also available in version v 8.0 v 15.0 v 14.0 v 7.0 v 9.0 v 11.0 v 13.0
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Lines of code 215
Technical Name web_digital_sign
Also available in version v 8.0 v 15.0 v 14.0 v 7.0 v 9.0 v 11.0 v 13.0

Web Digital Signature

This module provides the functionality to store digital signature for a record

This module is helpful to make your business process a little bit more faster & makes it more user friendly by providing you digital signature functionality on your documents.
It is touch screen enable so user can add signature with touch devices.
Digital signature can be very useful for documents such as sale orders, purchase orders, invoices, payslips, procurement receipts, etc.


To use this module, you need to add widget="signature" to your binary field in your view.

Signature Views

Digital Signature View

User can store their digital signature in the binary field, as you can see image.

Draw Signature

As shown in the image, user can add a signature using mouse, pen, or finger.

Clear Digital Signature

User can clear signature using clear button and it will re-initialize the signature.

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No storing signatures
Luis Triana
on 3/12/21, 1:22 PM

The module works for the basic function but If you want to store signatures, even in the py you put store=True it doesn´t work.

Hope you can Fix it for v12.


Re: No storing signatures
Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 3/15/21, 1:39 AM Author


Kindly mail us your query at support@serpentcs.com so it will be easier for us to understand and help you out accordingly.

If possible please send us a mail with screenshots of the issue you are facing


Joaquin Jerez
on 10/16/19, 2:30 PM

Working 100%. One Cuestion: what sentence i need write in Q-Web, If is posible to paint the signature in a Report? Thank so much!!!

Re: Thank!!!
Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 10/26/19, 10:08 AM Author

Should be just like the normal logo of company comes. Look at an example : https://github.com/JayVora-SerpentCS/SerpentCS_Contributions/blob/12.0/sales_report_product_image/views/sale_product_view.xml

Fatma Yousef
on 5/6/19, 3:35 AM

very useful. Thank you for the contribution

Javier Carrasquillo
on 4/12/19, 11:04 AM

Hello, for some reason there is an error with this module on v12. Can you help me with this? See below: Error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined https://janiclean.odoo.com/web/content/1535-a0133e1/web.assets_common.js:3676 Traceback: TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined at Class.$ (https://janiclean.odoo.com/web/content/1535-a0133e1/web.assets_common.js:3676:17) at Class.init (https://janiclean.odoo.com/web/content/1550-ef521e6/web.assets_backend.js:3826:780) at Class.prototype.(anonymous function) [as init] (https://janiclean.odoo.com/web/content/1535-a0133e1/web.assets_common.js:3538:488) at new Class (https://janiclean.odoo.com/web/content/1535-a0133e1/web.assets_common.js:3539:65) at Class._renderFieldWidget (https://janiclean.odoo.com/web/content/1550-ef521e6/web.assets_backend.js:1579:308) at Class._renderInnerGroupField (https://janiclean.odoo.com/web/content/1550-ef521e6/web.assets_backend.js:1630:382) at https://janiclean.odoo.com/web/content/1550-ef521e6/web.assets_backend.js:1628:44 at Function._.each._.forEach (https://janiclean.odoo.com/web/content/1535-a0133e1/web.assets_common.js:12:558) at Class._renderInnerGroup (https://janiclean.odoo.com/web/content/1550-ef521e6/web.assets_backend.js:1625:63) at Class._renderTagGroup (https://janiclean.odoo.com/web/content/1550-ef521e6/web.assets_backend.js:1639:228)

i have problem
Volodymyr Tomchak
on 11/29/18, 5:59 PM

Error while importing module 'web_digital_sign': 'Error while validating constraint\n\nField `digital_signature` does not exist\n\nError context:\nView `inherited.res.users.form`\n[view_id: 1300, xml_id: n/a, model: res.users, parent_id: 144]\nNone\n\n inherited.res.users.form\n res.users\n \n \n <xpath expr="//field[@name=\'signature\']" position="after">\n \n

\n \n

\n \n \n \n/tmp/tmpgxk4exfj/web_digital_sign/views/users_view.xml\n4'