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Technical name website_pay_later
Required Apps eCommerce (website_sale)
Website (website)
Invoicing (account)
Included Dependencies
Technical name website_pay_later
Required Apps eCommerce (website_sale)
Website (website)
Invoicing (account)
Included Dependencies

Odoo Website Pay Later

'Pay Later Buy Now with Odoo Website'

Convenient 'Pay Later' Payment Option for
Your Loyal Customers

The 'Pay Later Buy Now' or FuturePay Trend is the new enticing habitude for the Millenials. On Websites, it offers them the option to buy a product online without making an instant payment or opting for EMI.

The customer can then make the payment for his/her order at a later date, without any accompanying interest.

Allow Quick Checkouts With
'Pay Later Buy Now'

Since the 'Pay Later' method does not involve the customer to enter his/her card details, OTP, password, etc. at checkout, it allows for Quicker checkouts.

The method does not involve any payment gateway, consequently resulting in instant order placement.

Assurity of quick order placement.

Allow Shopping Without Added Monetary Burden On Your Customers' Pockets

'When there is no Added pressure of Paying Instantly or incurring interest on customers, It can lead to higher conversions for your store'

The Website Pay Later module opens the window for your customers to buy the products without disturbing their current budget.

The module encourages the customers to place the orders, promoting more sales in your store and reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment.

Define Rules To Enroll Eligible Customers To Pay Later

Includes the option to set eligibility conditions for the customers to enroll for Buy Now Pay Later payment method on your website.

Set future Pay eligibility on the basis of total order count or Total purchase amount.


Add Pay Later Option to website

  • Eligible customers can use the option to place instant orders.
  • The Pay Later option eliminates the need for customer's card details.

Define Pay Later Eligibility Rules

  • Option to allow only loyal customers to be eligible to Pay Later method.
  • Define rules depending upon website order count or purchase amount in the backend.

Place Pay Later Credit Limit

  • Set a Credit 'Pay Later' limit for customers in the backend.
  • place a credit limit globally for all customers.
  • Alternatively, set an individual limit for each customer.

Configure Billing Cycles For payments

  • Set monthly bill date to receive payment for 'Pay Later' website orders.
  • Mark the billing cycle to set a monthly date for customers.

Set Late Payment Structure

  • Define Fines incurred for non-payment or late payment of orders.

Set Pay Later At Product Level

  • Enable Pay Later globally for all products or selected products.

Assign Pay Later to Categories

  • Moreover, enable Pay-Later option based on product categories

Maintain Separate Pay Later Transactions

  • All 'Pay Later' transactions are noted in Odoo backend.

Future Pay Orders in customers' account

  • The customer can see their 'Pay Later'  orders in their Website Account.

Payment Notifications mail

  • Send a payment notification email to customers post set bill date.
  • The notification emails frequency can be set in the backend.

Pay Later Settings

Set Pay Later applicability on the basis of
  • • Customers
  • • Specific Products
  • • Product Categories

Pay Later Credit Limit Settings

Set Pay Later Credit limit for the customers
  • • Globally
  • • On individual Customer basis

Billing Cycle and Notifications Settings

Set monthly Date for Pay later payment from customers

Late Payment Fees Structure

Define Bars for Penalty of Late or Non-Payment by customers

Set Pay Later Eligibility Rules

On the Basis of:
  • • Registration Date
  • • Total Orders Count
  • • Total orders amount

Future Pay Transactions List

Track automated transaction entries for Pay Later website order. View the list for both:
  • • Debit Transaction
  • • Credit Transaction

Pay Later Option On the Product Page

Only Eligible Customers can view and Choose the Pay Later Option on The Product Page.

Use Pay Later Credit To Make payment on Checkout

The assigned Pay Later credit limit is used to make payment for the Order.

Pay Later orders in Customer’s Account

The list of Pay Later is also listed in customer’s website account.
They customers can view his/her pay later orders directly through his/her website account.


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