Rocker Reporting Application

v 13.0 Third Party 117
Download for 13.0 series Deploy on
Technical Name rocker_app
Also available in version v 13.0 v 12.0
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Technical Name rocker_app
Also available in version v 13.0 v 12.0

Rocker Reporting Application

for Odoo 12.0 & Odoo 13.0

Collect data to Excel or Powerpoint from various data sources, Present business data with Powerpoint graphs. Or use Excel templates to present business graphs. Combine data with Excel Power Pivot. Get data from Odoo & external PostgreSQL, SQLServer, MySQL, MariaDB, ODBC or Oracle databases. Send reports by email.


  1. Odoo 12 or Odoo 13 installed on Windows platform
  2. Excel 32-bit installed on server
  3. Win32Com installed on server
  4. Datasource drivers (PostgreSQL, SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB etc.) installed on server based on your needs
  5. For Powerpoints python-pptx installed on server


  • 25.3.2020

    Send reports by Email. When scheduled report is ready then it can be sent by email. Also fixed some scheduler issues.

  • 19.3.2020

    With V2 you can create Powerpoints. Download newest version, install python-pptx on the server and that's it! Watch the demo: Powerpoint demo on Youtube

  • 24.2.2020

    Did you create nice report that takes data from Odoo or other well known Application?
    Why don't you share it with others. Upload your Excel template, SQL & screendump to Rocker_Templates repository

    Author contact:


  1. Powerpoints: Powerpoint table slide

  2. Powerpoints: Powerpoint Column Chart slide

  3. Powerpoints: Powerpoint Pie Chart slide

  4. Powerpoints: Powerpoint Collection

  5. Rocker Excel example: Data from single datasource

  6. Rocker Excel example: Collection reports, data from many datasources


  1. Email User Guide
  2. Powerpoint User Guide
  3. Install Guide


  1. View Powerpoint demo

  2. View Basic demo

  3. Get data from SQLServer demo

  4. Collection Reports demo, get data from many data sources

  5. Access rights demo

  6. Hyperlinks demo

  7. Scheduler demo

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Emailing added
Antti Kärki
on 3/25/20, 9:52 AM Author

Now you can create Excel & Powerpoint reports. And run them scheduled and send them by Email. What do you think I should develop next? Maybe XML or CSV formatted reports for integration purposes? Or should I make some kind of UPSERT funtionality for managing data between 2 separate databases? Or add more datasources like XML / SOAP / REST? Antti PS some feedback would be appreciated

ubuntu, linux support
Emrah Sakarya
on 2/19/20, 9:29 AM

i want to try your addon but we cant install with ubuntu 18,04 LTS pywin32 doesnt support currenlty python 3+, have you got any offer ?

Re: ubuntu, linux support
Antti Kärki
on 2/19/20, 1:22 PM Author

Noup. Openpyxl (or other packages) do not support Excel 2016 (or Office 365) Power Pivot models. And I like to use Powerpivot models to combine data. But why don't you set up a separate windows server to get get your data...does not need to be the same odoo server

Error in Create Report
Asia Matrix
on 2/21/20, 2:38 AM

Error: Uncaught TypeError: Widget is not a constructor http://localhost:8069/web/content/361-d2010df/web.assets_backend.js:1598 Traceback: TypeError: Widget is not a constructor at Class._renderWidget (http://localhost:8069/web/content/361-d2010df/web.assets_backend.js:1598:635) at Class._renderTagWidget (http://localhost:8069/web/content/361-d2010df/web.assets_backend.js:1663:1147) at Class._renderNode (http://localhost:8069/web/content/361-d2010df/web.assets_backend.js:1648:246) at http://localhost:8069/web/content/361-d2010df/web.assets_backend.js:1645:178 at Function._.each._.forEach (http://localhost:8069/web/content/350-2f901dc/web.assets_common.js:12:558) at Class._renderInnerGroup (http://localhost:8069/web/content/361-d2010df/web.assets_backend.js:1642:63) at Class._renderTagGroup (http://localhost:8069/web/content/361-d2010df/web.assets_backend.js:1656:228) at Class._renderNode (http://localhost:8069/web/content/361-d2010df/web.assets_backend.js:1648:246) at (http://localhost:8069/web/content/350-2f901dc/web.assets_common.js:13:270) at Class._renderTagSheet (http://localhost:8069/web/content/361-d2010df/web.assets_backend.js:1663:1039)

Re: Error in Create Report
Antti Kärki
on 2/24/20, 9:43 AM Author

Nothing from that look familiar to me, are you sure it comes from rocker_app

Request Customization
Asia Matrix
on 2/21/20, 2:21 AM

Hello, can you contact me for my some customization? live:29dda3336b07b4fb

Re: Request Customization
Antti Kärki
on 2/24/20, 9:45 AM Author

You can send email to me ( ). Tell me what kind of customization you need.

Antti Kärki
on 2/19/20, 1:22 PM Author