Logging in database

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Logging in database

License: AGPL-3 Smile-SA/odoo_addons

This module adds a logs handler writing to database.


  • Following code will create a log in db with a unique pid per logger:
    import logging logger = SmileLogger(dbname, model_name, res_id, uid) logger.info(your_message)

Features :

  • Create logs when executing an action.
  • Archive and delete old logs from database.
  • Give users access right to see logs.

Table of contents


  • Developer adds import logging to his python file.
  • Developer must add following code to his action and specify the database, the model name, the res_id, and uid. Then give a message to log for information:
logger = SmileLogger(dbname, model_name, res_id, uid)
  • Administrator must create a Scheduled Action to call the function archive_and_delete_old_logs, configure archiving path and the number of days to archive and delete logs.


To add Logs handler to an action :

  1. Import SmileDBLogger to your python code and add code lines as shown in following example :

    Import SmileDBLogger
  2. Add smile_log to your module dependence:

    Depends manifest
  3. Now execute the action.:

    Button validate
  4. Go to Settings > Technical > Logging> Logs menu to see logs.


Administrator can give access right to users, to see logs, by checking Smile Logs / User.

Smile Logs
To create the scheduled action:
  1. Go to Settings > Technical > Automation > Scheduled Actions and fill fields as follow:

    Schedules Action

    (Make sure that the given folder has a write access!)

  2. After running the action, the extracted logs file in csv format is as shown in next figure:

    Smile Logs

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  • Xavier FERNANDEZ


This module is maintained by the Smile SA.

Since 1991 Smile has been a pioneer of technology and also the European expert in open source solutions.

Smile SA

This module is part of the odoo-addons project on GitHub.

You are welcome to contribute.

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