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v 13.0 Third Party
Technical Name track_website_changes
Also available in version v 12.0
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Track Website Changes

Track changes on multiple websites and send alert mail.


To install this module, you need to: pip install -r requirements.txt


Go to the "Track Website" module.

Create a record with different information about the element you want to track:
  • Url: web page url where elements you want to track are located

  • Login/Password: used for simple HTTP authentication

  • Mail Template: The template of the mail you want to send on detected changes on the website

  • Cron: A planned action is automatically created and linked to this record, it allow to edit the frequency/number of control to do

  • Active: Linked to the active field of the cron

  • Elements: - Selector type: 2 type of selector are available: xpath and css selector. - Selector: you can select an attribute directly with selector respective methods (/@name for xpath for exemple), otherwise the text content will be used.

    You can get these elements with firefox (for example) by doing:
    • Right click on the element you want to track
    • Inspect Element
    • Right Click on the blue line in side panel (in the DOM)
    • Copy > Xpath or CSS Selector
  • Use Post Authentication (beta): Allow to pass POST authentication, if checked, display login and password xpath to locate inputs of login form.

Note that you may adjust the frequency of the cron that process mails queue if you set a high frequency in the alert cron.


  • Javascript is'nt interpreted (turn on "Disable javascript" browser option to always have correct selectors)


  • Add a regex field. It will be applied on the element result in order to track more subtle changes.
  • Add option to interpret javascript with selenium => There is a problem to make selenium works inside a odoo process.


This module is maintained by Auneor Conseil.

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