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Required Apps Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Sales (sale_management)
Website (website)
eCommerce (website_sale)
Included Dependencies
Lines of code 11243
Technical Name advance_website_all_in_one
LicenseSee License tab
Also available in version v 12.0 v 13.0
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Required Apps Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Sales (sale_management)
Website (website)
eCommerce (website_sale)
Included Dependencies
Lines of code 11243
Technical Name advance_website_all_in_one
LicenseSee License tab
Also available in version v 12.0 v 13.0

Advance All in one Website eCommerce Bundle Odoo Apps

All in one e-Commerce and All in one Website Features Advance Odoo Apps

E-Commerce Website All In One Advance is one of the unique odoo apps in which we provide all the features of eCommerce and website like Product Stock Notification, Website Cash on Delivery COD, Website SEO URL redirect, Website Product Variant Description,Website Gift Coupon and Gift Voucher, Website Product Visibility, Website Advance Cart Settings, Website Product Filter, Website Gift Wrap,Website Customer Profile, Website Product Labels and Stickers on Odoo Shop, Website Product Rating And Review, Website File Upload(Upload Attachment) ,Website Product Attachment / Product Attachments show on odoo Webshop,Odoo Website Terms and Conditions,Odoo Website Sitemap page Link, Odoo Website Product Search Suggestion, Website Portal Multiple and partial Payment in one single odoo module. So you can use all the features by just buying only a single Odoo App.


Add a Suffix to Product URL & Product Category URL.

User can add a suffix for product public category URL and product URL.

Source to Destination URL Redirection.

Source to destination URL redirection is possible on the website.

Display Cart Subtotal.

Subtotal display the total of each order line in the cart before and after discount.

Add Minimum Amount to Validate Order.

User can give minimum cart value to validate order.

COD Payment Method.

COD Payment method is available for website order payment.

COD Payment Collection.

COD Payment Collection form and Payment Collection Report.

Product Search Suggestion.

Product search suggestion helps to search product on website shop

Discount Label/Stickers On Shop.

User can apply discount label/stickers on website shop

Create Gift Product & Coupon.

User can configure specific gift voucher Date and Amount, Also you can print the gift coupon.

Apply Discount By Unique Coupon Code.

User can easily apply and print gift coupon voucher.

Review/Rating for Product.

Customer/Website user can rate/review product on website shop.

Pay Invoices Partially.

Customer/Website user can see pay their single/multiple invoices at once.

Stock In-Out Message on Website.

It will show message for In-out stock on website for Stockable products.

Attachment for Website Product.

System user can attach document/images for website product.

Earns Loyalty Points.

Customer can earns loyalty points with his/her every purchase in website.

Use Loyalty Points.

Customer can use loyalty points as a discount for other purchase order in website.

Description for Product.

Description for Website option for each Variant is available.Easy to display features of each variant specifically.

Filter Product and Product Categories.

filter Products and Product Categories according to logged in user.

User can set description.

Automatic product variant description will be displayed while selecting specific variant in website.

Product Search Suggestion.

Product search suggestion helps to search product on website shop.

Validation On Available Qty.

Customer/Website user can buy only available qty for stockable products

Set Minimum & Maximum Price.

et Minimum & Maximum Price limit for COD in COD Rule.

Source to destination URL redirection

Source to destination URL redirection is possible on the website.

Dynamic Product Catalog redirects

Designed to remove the odoo default product catalog URL and redirect according to configured URL make it SEO Friendly.

Dynamic Product public category redirects

Designed to remove the odoo default product public category URL and redirect according to configured URL make it SEO Friendly.

Add a suffix for product URL and product category URL

User are add a suffix for product public category URL and product URL.

Description for product

Description for Website option for each Variant is available.Easy to display features of each variant specifically.

Generates e-gift cards

Customer generate e-gift card which can be send by email.

Generates gift cards

Customer can generate hard copy of gift card which can be delivered.

Unique voucher code for gift card.

A unique voucher code for every gift card to maintain the privacy of the customer.

Gift card can be send by email.

User can share the gift card through email.

Filter Product Categories.

This module helps you to filter product categories according to logged in user.

Add minimum amount to validate

ser can give minimum cart value to validate order.

Warning for other users

Other user will get warning if amount is less than the specified amount.

Filter for product

Your customer can see and select products after applying filter to products.

Sort products

This app helps to sort product according to category and pagination.

Shows product count

Customers can see product counts with products.

Enable or disable filter

Customers can enable or disable the product filter as per their need.

Enable Disable Gift Wrap

You can easily enable and disable gift wrap on website.

Add Gift Wrap Note Dynamically on Website

User can add gift wrap note dynamically on website.

Enables user to see their profile.

Customer can see their own profile in odoo website.

User can update profile

User can update profile directly from website.

Product Labels Configuration

Also you can add other label and stickers too (its configurable ) you can link that with product and it will be visible on Shop.

User can Gives Rating.

User can gives rating for specific product.

User can Write Review and Description.

User can easy to write product Review and Description.

Customers can upload attachments/files on payment page.

Users are allowed to upload any type of attachments/files (i.e: jpg, png, pdf, .doc, .xls).

Allows user to add terms and conditions

User can add terms and conditions on their Odoo website.

Easy To Travel On Website Through Sitemap

It is easy To travel on website through sitemap.

Provide Website Search Suggestion.

User can easy to search any product on website, also provide search suggestion.

Pay Multiple Partial Payment of Invoices on Website

User can pay single and multiple partial payment using website.

Website Product Variant Description

Create a product with variants.

In the product variant form, enter description in "Website Description" tab.

Variant Description on Website

Select variants in website, and specific description for that variant will be displayed.

Variant and description for selected type can be seen on the website.

Products visible for specific User/Customer

After installing the module, first you have to configure the payment acquirers in which you have to select journal which is highlighted in the figure.

Set Products For Customer

In 'Customers', You can set products and product category which would be visible in website when customer log In.

Below is the Example for 'Products'.

Below is the Example for 'Products Category'.

Customer Website View

This is the website view where the customer can only see those products which you want them to see.

For Example below are the only products which we added on the above image.

Configure Visitor Products

In this menu you can set products and product category which you want to visible for Visitors/Public user.

Such Products which are shown below in the figure would be available for logged out user or new visitor on webshop.

Website Loyalty Configuration Based on Purchase Amount

Purchase Amount Loyalty Redemption Rule

Display loyalty point based on Purchase Amount in Website.

Customer Loyalty History

Customer's Loyalty Points

Customer's loyalty points is display in Back-end

Loyalty Based on Website Product Categories Configuration

Website Product Categories Redemption Rule

Website Product Categories Configuration

Display loyalty point based on website product categories.

Customer Loyalty History

User can see customer loyalty history.

Customer's Loyalty Points

Loyalty Redemption

User can redeem earned loyalty poins as per redeem rule.

Click on "Redeem" button.

If user enter greater amount then loyalty point then it will raise warnings.

Click on "Redeem" button.

On redeem user can see loyalty product added to cart.

Customer Credit History

user can see customer credit history.

Customer loyalty points.

Coupon Product Configuration

User have to enable "Coupon Product" checkbox on product, Only service type product can be configured as coupon product.

Gift Coupons

User can see all created gift coupons under "All Gift Coupons" menu.

User can create multiple gift coupon and apply different type of discounts, based on coupon product.

User can print Gift Voucher Coupon in PDF format.

Website Voucher Configuration

On website shopping cart view you can activate the voucher by clicking on customize tab and apply voucher code.

Apply Discount Voucher

User have to enter created coupon voucher code here it check the that the user who is logged in, product and product category listed in the voucher and based on the discount percentage given in the coupon voucher that amount will be deducted from total amount.

If voucher is successfully applied, product will added in the cart.

User can see generated sale order with coupons.

Sale Order View

Here you can see applied discount voucher code will be shown in the sale order with their amount.

Discount Coupons History

User can see discount coupon history.

Website COD Configuration

Product Configuration :
You can define for which products COD is not available.
COD Availability Alert :
You can set COD available message as per your requirement.
Display Expected Delivery Date :
Enable/disable Expected delivery days.
Expected Delivery Interval :
You can also set delivery days within which order will be delivered.
COD Policy :
You can set COD policy as per your requirement.
COD Unavailable Message :
Set message for which products COD is not available.
COD Unavailable Message Payment Screen:
Set Alert from Configuration in payment screen if the cart contains any product which is not qualified for COD
COD Minimum and Maximum Price Limit:
Set the Minimum and Maximum Price limit for the Products COD will be Applicable
COD Payment Collection and Payment Collection Report:
Track Cash on Delivery Payment Details in COD Payment Collection form for a particular Sale Order, Generate PDF Report.
Allow State and Zip Code:
Allow State and Zip Code for COD Availability from Configuration.

Configure Payment Acquirers

Delivery Charge & Create COD Default Rule Configuration

Add Extra Delivery Charge in COD Payment Acquirer form, also create COD default rule configuration

Configure Cash on Delivery Payment Method

Configure State Zip Code.

Configure Cash Payment Journal

Make Payment using COD

You can see Cash On Delivery Option in Payment page.

You can select Cash on Delivery option then confirm Pay Now.

Payment Successful with COD

After Select 'COD' as Payment Method, Extra Fees will be added to the Orders as a Service Product.

Back-End, Sale Order

In the Back-end, sale order is created with COD payment acquirer. Extra Delivery Fees will be added to Order Line

COD Transaction

COD Transaction will be created as per selected sales order,customer,amount.

COD Payment Collection

Under Sales > COD Payment Collections menu user can view and create COD payment collection.

Confirm COD Payment Collection

User can confirm COD payment collection by clicking on "Confirm" button.

After confirm user can done COD payment collection by clicking on "Done" button.

COD Payment Collection Report

User can also print COD payment collection report in PDF format.

Website Cart Configuration

Select options for cart and also give minimum balance for cart.

Add to cart

On clicking on cart button product will be added to the cart without redirecting to the cart page.

See product in cart

Subtotal of each line.

Warning message

Warning displayed when cart amount is less than the particular specified amount.

SEO-URL Redirect/Rewrite Menu

Menu contains different categories.


User can set redirect and rewrite settings for URL.

Inside SEO URL Rewrite Product

Inside Product you need to select all the published products, click on update SEO URL.

Update Message Box

Click on ok to get updated SEO URL of selected products.

Updated SEO URLs.

URL Suffix

Rewrite URL

Rewrite catalog product URL.

Inside SEO URL Rewrite Category

Inside Product you need to select all the published products, click on update SEO URL.

Message to update for SEO URL.

Updated SEO URL

URL Suffix

Rewrite URL

Redirect Management

Automatically redirect for catalog products/ public categories.

Feature to redirect from source URL to destination URL on your website.

Website Redirects

User can see the changes in the website URL.

Website All In One Stock Configuration

Stockable Product In-Out Stock Message

Enable/Disable Product Stock Quantity and Message

Enable/Disable Product Stock Quantity Inside Product Page

Product Out Of Stock Message

Product In-Stock Message with Product Quantity

Warning On Stockable Product

If user tries to add more than available/forecasted qty it will raise waring.

Website Product Labels & Stickers on Odoo Shop

Label For Website Product

Product Label Form

User can set custom Height, Width and Margin for Label/Stickers to display at shop.

Website Shop View With Label/Stickers

Product Page View With Label/Stickers

Product Review/Rating

Review/Rating Box

Review/Rating On Product Menu

Non Login User Message for Review/Rating

Customer Can Upload Attachment/File

Attach Any Number Of Attachment

Attachment On Website Orders

Attach Document for Product

Attachments On Website Shop for Product

Terms & Condition For website

Website Terms & Conditions

Details Of Terms & Conditions

Restriction on Terms & Conditions for Pay Now

Website Sitemap

Search Suggestion for Product

Partial Payment From Website

Payment Form for Partial Payment

Select Invoices Pay Multiple Invoices at Once

Selected Invoices Reference & Payment Form

Invoice Status & Posted Payments

Product Brand Menu

Under Inventory > Product Brands > All Brands menu user can create brands.

Enable Product Brands

From website user can enable/disable brand selection by activate "Product Brands"

User can see the different brand for selection from their you can filter products based on brand.

Product Brand name is also display in product in website.

Search Product by Brand Name

User can also search product by their brand name.

Product Filter Menu

Create Product Filter

User can create filter, which can be used for sorting products by filter value.

Product Filter Value

Advance Filter Option

User can create filters from the website.


Inside product user can select various attribute for the website filter.

Enable or Disable Filter

User can enable or disable filters from the website.

Select Filter

User can select the filter from the filter window.

Select and sort product according to requirement.

Products Sales Count

Here user can see the total number of sales of product.

Create Gift Wrap and List Of Gift Wrap

User can create multiple gift wrap.

User can see created multiple gift wrap.

Gift Wrap Configuration

Under Website > GiftWrap Configuration menu user can configure giftwrap and price for website gift wrap.

Enable/Disable Gift Wrap

On website shopping cart view you can enable/disable the gift wrap functionality.

Add Gift Wrap with Note

After enabling gift wrap, You can see gift wrap section in website cart.

Here you can apply gift wrap by entering note for product.

Added Gift Wrap Product

After applying gift wrap, gift wrap product will be added in cart.

You can remove gift wrap product from cart by clicking remove button.

After submitting the gift wrap with product, then now user can pay payment with gift wrap.

Order is successfully confirmed.

Sale Order View in Back-end

User can see gift wrap product will be added in sale order with defined description and product price.

My Profile

Users can go to its profile from "My Profile" link provided as shown in the below picture.

Edit Profile

On clicking My Profile, the User will be redirected to the page that will display all the details of the user along with profile picture. Users can update their profile by clicking on the Edit button provided just below information.

Update Profile Details

Users can enter details that have to be changed. Users can change the display picture also. Once everything is done, Submit the form and the profile will be changed.

Once the profile is updated, the user will be notified with a simple message.

User can see its updated profile.

Reset Password

Users can changs login password.

Reset Password Page

User have to enter email.

The outgoing mail server should be configured.

Add Shipping Address From Website

Users can add shipping Addresses from the website.

Add Shipping Address From View

Shipping Address In Customer Page

New shipping address added from website add to backend customer page.

Add Billing Address From Website

Users can add billing addresses from the website.

Add Billing Address From View

Billing Address In Customer Page

New billing address added from website add to backend customer page.

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