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Technical Name azk_image_compression
Versions 17.0 15.0 16.0 14.0 13.0 12.0
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Lines of code 2180
Technical Name azk_image_compression
Versions 17.0 15.0 16.0 14.0 13.0 12.0


  • Compress images based on a set of rules
  • Flexible rules for compression:
  1. By model where images are uploaded
  2. By mimetype; a regular expression that allows to filter what type of images to compress
  3. By size; it allows to compress images having a bigger size than the configured size
  4. Compress attachments newer or older than specific dates


  • Configuration: Setup a compression rule
    1. Select the models where image attachments to be compressed.
    2. Set the source format and destination format (NOTE: The source format should be a regular expression of mimetypes e.g. images/.*bmp.*).
    3. Set the optional minimum size of attachment.
    4. Set the optional newer than/older than days to compress.
    5. Set the quality of the compressed image (value between 0 and 100 where the larger the value, the higher the compression but the lower the quality)
    6. In Odoo, storage is done by content. Thus, if the same image was uploaded twice, it will be saved on the disk once.
      Thus, there is an option to match all similar images, compress them and delete the uncompressed images.
      To activate this feature, check the "Replace All"
    7. If you want the scheduled action to run this compression rule daily, keep it active.
Compression Rule
  • Scheduled Action
    1. Upon installing the module, a daily scheduled action "Run attachments compression rules" is added automatically
Scheduled Action

How it works

  • Add Images: Add some image attachments in the models.
    In the following example, I selected the employee model in my compression rule. So, I am adding a BMP image there.
Add attachments
  • Run the compression rule: Go to the corresponding compression rule and run it. The Images satisfying these rules should be compressed.
    The system will show a pop up with the details of the compression:
    compressed images and total size reduction
Run Rule
  • Check results: Go back to the model where the image was uploaded and verify the results.
    Download the image and check the size reduction.
Check Results
  • File Store: Notice that upon running a compression rule or when the scheduled action runs them,
    the size of the filestore is reduced if Replace All was checked

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One query
on 2/6/24, 11:50 AM

I want to schedule a demo for this module.

I'm interested in version 14 of this module. I want to know  things mainly:

1. Does it work on existing attachments in the system and compress them as well ?

2. What is the compression percentage we can expect on big attachments mainly?

Re: One query
Shadi Moadad
on 2/7/24, 3:33 AM Author

Dear Nick,

  1.  The plugin works on existing attachment and new ones. It is based on configuration and even it can work on old ones or waits till attachment ages after a specific date and compress them.
  2. The compression ration depends on the original image compression e.g. if the image uploaded is a bmp then compression reaches more than 90%
  3. If it is a JPEG then you shall minimize the quality field to get minimized more and in that case it can reach to 75%

Its not working as it should be
on 11/22/21, 1:21 AM


I bought this module but its doing nothing, no impact at all.

Re: Its not working as it should be
Shadi Moadad
on 11/22/21, 6:50 AM Author

Dear Faisal,

Please get in touch with us on so have a zoom meeting and explain how it works.

In addition, if you can look into the logs, it shows when it runs. This process takes time. in the log it shows the compression ration when it run. You can run manually too from the button named "RUN". Note that if something is compressed then it won't re-compress it


have odoo12?
Alen Gao
on 7/1/21, 12:47 AM

have odoo12?

Re: have odoo12?
Shadi Moadad
on 7/1/21, 12:07 PM Author

Dear Alen,

It does support Odoo 12. We will release within a day