ZKTeco Attendance machine integration



v 14.0 Third Party 7
Required Apps Employees (hr)
Lines of code 405
Technical Name azk_zkteco_attendance
Also available in version v 13.0
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Required Apps Employees (hr)
Lines of code 405
Technical Name azk_zkteco_attendance
Also available in version v 13.0

This addon Supports the integration with fingerprint machines of ZKTeco Biopro MV30. This integration of Odoo attendance with ZKTeco attendance machine will help in managing your HR work more efficiently, from tracking the worked hours along with automated and dynamic creation of the employees into the ability to download the attendance data and check in/out of your employees in a few clicks with its multiple verification modes and access features.

NOTE: this modules works on PaaS (aka Odoo.sh) or on-premises and does not work on the SaaS version. It depends on pyzk which installs automatically. If it didn't install then copy the content of requirements.txt into the main requirements file


  • Select attendance machine >> machine configuration
  • Define the machine configuration
  • Add the real IP address of the machine and the port number, then use the action of testing connection to make sure that the IP and port are working.
  • Note: you can use another IP which redirect to an internal IP inside your network. This IP could be obtained by Ngrok account.
  • Test the connection
  • Specify the connection time out
  • Auto Create the Employee: The application will create the employee on Odoo if the employee ID on the machine isn’t linked to any Employee card (Device ID)
  • Download Attendance: This action is used to synchronize the attendance from the machine to the system.
  • Clear Device Data: This action will delete the attendance records from the machine database.
  • Add Multiple Integrated Machines


  • ZKteco working hours
  • Make sure employee working hours are correctly configured.
  • The system will use the “Day of week”, “hour from”, “hour to” to detect checkin/checkout.
  • If no day of week found then takes by default the first one.
  • ZKTeco Attendance
  • Intelligent system that automatically detect check-in/checkout from working hours configured as per above
  • In case of conflict, a record won’t be imported thus preventing errors with Odoo attendance rules.
  • Possible to re-import many times the same data, this module will detect it and skip them
  • Fast to import: it just processes the records that wasn’t yet import (since ZKTeco machines returns all data stored on them)
  • It just works.

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hector linares
on 11/17/21, 11:51 AM

que modelos son compatibles?

Shadi Moadad
on 11/17/21, 1:22 PM Author


The attendance machine should have an OS named ZKTeco and accessible on the network


Aurel Balanay
on 7/9/21, 10:23 PM

does it support device K40?

Re: K40
Shadi Moadad
on 7/10/21, 7:10 AM Author

Dear Aurel,

We don't have a demo site though we will provide a recorded video.

A demo site requires a connected and active zkteco machine to be tested correctly

Aurel Balanay
on 7/6/21, 10:48 PM

Hello, do you have a demo site on this?