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Included Dependencies
Lines of code 14863
Technical Name generic_request
Also available in version v 13.0 v 15.0 v 11.0 v 12.0 v 10.0

Generic Request

ITSM | Helpdesk | Service Desk

License: LGPL-3 CR&D


Generic Request represents incident management system and perfect fits the companies that provide incident management process. It is designed to be a single channel for submitting all the events that prevent normal workflow.

Generic Request can be used to buid a solid ITSM, Helpdesk, Service Desk system for your company.
A large variety of addons (more than 50) allows to create your own system that will suit even the most demanding companies.
Each addon integrates into the system and provides new functionality.
Build a simple, reliable, free helpdesk system and easily upgrade it to a professional ITSM at any time by installing additional modules.

Key features:

  • Custom request Types / Categories
  • Global Stage Types
  • Custom Stages / Routes for each type of request
  • Coloured workflow diagrams
  • Ability to setup workflow on the fly from the Diagram View
  • Assignments
  • System Events: almost any request activity is registered as a system event and can be used for logging or triggering programmed automated actions and route transitions (requires addons installation)
  • Configurable custom notifications
  • Tools for communication with customers, notes, event planning
  • Logging, reports, analysis
  • Complete documentation with configuration examples

Additional features provided by add-ons:

You can install (download) additional features, or read documentation directly from the Settings page of Generic Request

other settings

Basic Workflow Example

  • Administrator configures request settings (categories, types, services, etc.).
  • User provides all information about incident by filling necessary fields and creates request.
  • Submitted requests step by step follow the route defined in request type until resolved.
  • On each request stage, various activities may be planned and responsible persons can be assigned.
  • Request operators are always keep in touch with the users while handling the requests.
  • All incidents are documented and tracked. Reports generated while managing the incidents allow defining the problem areas and create the ways for their preventing.

Set up types, categories, stage types of requests

start configure

Simple type configuration

configure type

Create request


Dynamic workflow


Manage requests from kanban



Processing: handle request stages, assign responsible persons


Keep in touch with the user


Schedule activities


Manage activities from the Activity View

activity view

The Generic Request module is part of the Bureaucrat ITSM project. You can try it by the references below.

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