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Technical Name generic_tag
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Lines of code 693
Technical Name generic_tag
Also available in version v 11.0 v 9.0 v 15.0 v 12.0 v 10.0 v 13.0

Generic Tag

pipeline-pass License: LGPL-3 docs CR&D GitHub

Generic Tag is a module developed by the Center of Research & Development company.

It allows you to create and categorize generic tags (keywords).

With these tags in other applications, you can use the logic associated with them (for example, search and filter objects by tags).

Integration with other modules is realized with the help of additional modules.

Main Features of the Generic Tag Module:

  • Customize your own categories of tags.
  • Create and set up your unique (or completely generic) tags.
  • Associate your products, documents, contacts, etc. with created tags.
  • Use your tags!


To add tags to your model do the folowing simple steps:

  1. Add generic_tag module as dependency for your addon.
  2. Use inherit from "res.tag.mixin" to get tags functionality to your model, like:
        class Product(models.Model):
    	_name = "product.product"
    	_inherit = [
  3. Add record to taggable models registry:
        <record model="generic.tag.model" id="generic_tag_model_product_product">
    	<field name="res_model_id" ref="product.model_product_product"/>
  4. Now you can use tag_ids field in your views for your model:
    • search view:
          <field name="tag_ids"/>
          <field name="search_tag_id"/> <!-- For direct searching (items that contain selected tag)-->
          <field name="search_no_tag_id"/> <!-- For inverse searching (items that do not contain selected tag)-->

      See search_tag_id and search_no_tag_id fields. These fields add autocompletition on searching by specific tag. search_tag_id allows to search for records that contain selected tag. search_no_tag_id allows to search for records that have no selected tag.

    • tree view:
          <field name="tag_ids"
      	   options="{'color_field': 'color'}"/>
    • form view:
          <field name="tag_ids"
      	   context="{'default_model': 'product.product'}"
      	   options="{'color_field': 'color'}"/>

      Pay attention on context field. This will automatically select correct model on tag creation.

Read the Generic Tag module guide for more information.

The Generic Condition module is part of the Bureaucrat ITSM project. You can try it by the references below.

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This module is maintained by the Center of Research & Development company.

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For any questions contact us.

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