v 14.0 Third Party 65
Required Apps Employees (hr)
Lines of code 1830
Technical Name hr_biometric_machine_zk
Also available in version v 12.0 v 10.0 v 11.0 v 13.0
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Required Apps Employees (hr)
Lines of code 1830
Technical Name hr_biometric_machine_zk
Also available in version v 12.0 v 10.0 v 11.0 v 13.0


Module for the connection between odoo and devices of the zkteco brand for the control of employee assistance. It allows you to manage the creation of users and assistance from your system in odoo, it adapts to the time zone, generating all this easier for the management of human resources of your company.

How to use?

1- Assigning the role to the person in charge of administering the Zkteco device, there are two levels of access according to the responsibilities.

2- Associate the employee with the id with which it will be created in his makina zkteco, if the employee already exists in the device, he must put in the zknumber field the id with which he is made to later perform the synchronization.

3- Create the registry associated with the zkteco device, in which the ip must be defined, the port that by default is 4370 and a location.

It is important to note that if your odoo instance is located in the cloud, you must perform additional NAT configuration and port forwarding properly to make the connection with your device possible.

4- There are 7 buttons that will allow you to manage your device.

BUTTON 1- Button one will allow you to perform a connection test to verify that it is successful.

Clicking on it will activate a pop-up window indicating that the connection is successful and a summary of the existing users on your zkteco device.

BUTTON 2- By pressing the button "Test Attendance" we can test the correct communication to transmit the attendance data.

BUTTON 3- By pressing the "Restart" button you will be able to restart your zkteco device remotely.

BUTTON 4- By pressing the "Synchronize" button, the module will search for employees where their zknumber matches the id of the users created on your zkteco device and will synchronize them with the registry that is being configured. It is important to note that for it to be synchronized, there must be employee and user records in zkteco where the zknumber values ​​match.

BUTTON 5- Pressing the "Create Users" button will enable a pop-up window where you can create new users on your zkteco machine, for this the employee must have assigned his zk number with which it will be created on the device, he will be able to select all the employees that you want and then press the "Create" button and the user will be created remotely on the machine and will be associated with the record on which you are creating.

BUTTON 6- The "Download data" button will search for all the attendance records found on the device and create them as attendance records in the odoo module.

BUTTON 7- The "Clear Attendance" button will delete all attendance records found on your zkteco device.

- In addition, you can also manage the users synchronized between odoo and your zkteco machine, either to delete them remotely or unincorporate them from your odoo registry.

- Button Delete: The button marked in the image below will remove the user from your zkteco device and remove it from your odoo registry.

- The unlink button: This button will NOT delete the user on the device but it will unlink the user from the odoo registry..

This module was developed to be compatible with any device with zkteco technology.

Devices tested with the module.

  • U580
  • iFace402
  • iFace800
  • MA300
  • T4-C
  • iClock260
  • K20
  • VF680
  • iClock260
  • K14
  • K30
  • Ronald Jack T8

If you have a zkteco device with a different model, I can contact us for compatibility tests.

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on 5/24/22, 9:42 AM


I am using ZKTeco Iface 900 & ZKTeco BioProSA10 for attendance. Could please let me know that is't possible to integrate these devices to odoo attendance module using your module 

ZK Biometric Device Integration Kware (ZKTECO) v14 ?

Kindly update feed back to me.

Best Regards

Abdullah Saleh Essa
on 5/18/22, 3:42 AM

Hi here

kindly A\Q

1- Module support device model biotime 8.5 MB2000?

2- Module connect multi devices with Odoo from different location in same timezone?

3- it need static IP to connect multi device?

thanks and regard

Hola tienen version 15
edgar castiblanco
on 5/17/22, 2:58 PM

Hola tienen la version 15 ?

Otazen Furniture
on 2/9/22, 2:55 AM Confirmed Purchase


We are using the ZKTECO MINI AC PLUS (3 devices in different locations)

I would ask you if this model is compatible with your module, 

Thank you in advance.

Kz G3
محمد يوسف
on 2/9/22, 12:12 AM Confirmed Purchase


I send to email for support me on model of Zk G3 but not responding from your side..

I want to know if this support Zk G3 model or not before purchase it please

Eries Herman
on 10/4/21, 3:29 AM

I install this module on odoo.sh but I get error
The connection has not been achieved: can't reach device
but on local server, it's work....
is this module not support on odoo.sh ...?

ZK Teco K40
on 8/17/21, 2:44 PM


Excuse me, does it work with the ZK Teco K40?


on 5/22/21, 1:09 AM Confirmed Purchase

Can you confirm work with UFace800K device?

Would like to know the compatibility
on 2/10/21, 8:01 AM


I am using the below zktec models .ZKTeco:   1.IFace 900 & 2.Bio Pro SA10. Please check the compatibility of this module with my device models.

Thank &Regards

Re: Would like to know the compatibility
Juventud Productiva Venezolana
on 2/12/21, 10:11 AM Author

Dear, the module is developed to work with any zkteco device, but you can perform a compatibility test with our module : https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/14.0/hr_biometric_machine_zk_demo/, it is important to note that the test must be carried out on the same network where the odoo system and your device are located, in case of to have odoo in the cloud you will need to configure NAT and port forwarding.

Mohamed Sayed
on 12/8/20, 4:03 PM

Can i get demo for v14?