v 14.0 Third Party 5
Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Lines of code 2278
Technical Name pos_preorder
Also available in version v 11.0 v 12.0
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Create PreOrders and Sync with all your sector PoS

Create Pre Order and Send to server, then syncronice with all your sector PoS, resume it in other PoS and save it as PoS Order.

Resumen yout PreOrders Using a barcode or listing all 'draft' PreOrders.

Configure Your PoS

To configure this module you must go to PoS's Settings and Select a Pos Sector.

Also you must set time for automatic PreOrder list update, by default is 5.0 seconds.

You can Set max Discount allowed per POS

Set if POS is PreOrder Only or can pay and create PreOrders

Set Proxy Hardware and Barcode Nomenclature

Set the ability of print for your PoS, setting your hardware ip.

Select Barcode Nomenclature is Required is not optional, because we need to read the pattern ean13 90.

PreOrder Icon

On Top - Left corner, beside logo, you can see current PreOrder count and when you click it, a list of PreOrders on state 'draft' will be displayed

PreOrder Send Icon

By clicking on PreOrder Icon on controls, you send current order to server as PreOrder, to sync with other PoS

If everything is correct, an EAN13 code will be retrieved.

If you load a PreOrder by clicking this button, PreOrder will be update.

PreOrder EAN13 Barcode Receipt

An EAN13 barcode with PreOrder summary will be displayed and printed

This barcode you can use it to simply load the order, without click on shopping cart icon and find it.

PreOrder summary

You can view a report of PreOrders with his state

If all PoS was closed, all PreOrderd, will seted to abandoned state.

Try it!

Use our ready installed server to try how it work!

url: http://demos-12.globalresponse.cl/

user: admin

user: demo

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