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Lines of code 7284
Technical Name tus_meta_wa_marketing
Versions 12.0 13.0 15.0 14.0 16.0 17.0

Why Odoo WhatsApp Integration?

Effective communication is the key to success for any business. What can be a better way to enhance your business communication other than by Integrating Odoo with WhatsApp?

Our WhatsApp Odoo Integration module is based on Official WhatsApp Cloud API by Meta for Odoo WhatsApp Integration seamlessly and effortlessly.

techultrasolutions.com/whatsapp-odoo-integration COPY LINK

WhatsApp Us


Odoo-WhatsApp Integration Features

Odoo WhatsApp Marketing

Connecting your business with WhatsApp is a boon for you!

This WhatsApp Marketing Module which allows the user to Create/Edit/Remove/Delete WhatsApp Numbers and Campaign, Schedule WhatsApp Messages, Showing WhatsApp Message History, Configure WhatsApp Templates in Particular WhatsApp Marketing Campaign via Odoo.

Let's have a look at Setup & Configuration!

Odoo Whatsapp Marketing Features

  • Efficient to add unlimited WhatsApp numbers to reach most customers
  • Easy to categorize clients with needs into groups and events
  • User can Create/Edit/Remove/Delete WhatsApp Numbers and Campaign
  • Configure Different WhatsApp Marketing Campaign & Templates
  • Showing All WhatsApp Message History
  • Media files such as videos, pictures, PDF, .doc files etc can be sent within a single click.
  • Setup & Configuration

    Install Odoo WhatsApp Marketing Module
    From App Menu > Install Module

    WhatsApp Messaging Lists Contacts

    After installing the module, Go to Whatsapp Marketing Menu > Under WA Messaging Lists > Click on WA Messaging Lists Contacts Menu
    This will allow Create/Edit/Remove/Delete WhatsApp Name & Numbers.

    WhatsApp Messaging Lists

    Go to Whatsapp Marketing Menu > Under WA Messaging Lists > Click on WA Messaging Lists Menu
    Here you can Configure Different WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

    Configure WhatsApp Marketing Messages

    Go to Whatsapp Marketing Menu > Click on WhatsApp Marketing Menu
    Here you can Configure & Send WhatsApp Messages to Different WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

    WhatsApp Message

    Now, Go to WhatsApp Application,
    Here you can Receive WhatsApp Message with Attachments, You can Reply on this message directly from WhatsApp too.

    Chat Window

    Here you can Receive or Send WhatsApp Messages

    Schedule WhatsApp Marketing Messages

    Here you can Schedule WhatsApp Marketing Messages

    Support Charges

    Includes 5 Hours Support FREE

    After that below Additional charges will be applicable

    Odoo X Meta Account Setup

    Note :
    • You can not resell our modules and If you are purchasing for your client it only be used in any one database.
    • Any issue related to integration will have free support of 90 days.
    • Any issue except integration will be chargeable.
    • Odoo X WhatsApp account setup will be charged $100.
    • Extra templates will be charged $20 for each template.
    • Support will be available From Monday to Friday between 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Indian Standard Time (IST) Time Zone.
    • Raised Support related queiries at support@techultra.in OR WhatsApp Us on https://wa.me/message/VENRAJRHMSWEB1
    Version Details
    Latest - 1.9
    Bug Fixes & Improvements:
    • WhatsApp Marketing Bug Fixes & Code Improvements.
    Bug Fixes & Improvements:
    • Removed '-' from mobile number when mobile number is added in partner.
    • Send button hide from chatter if not message received in last 23 hours. First send template to start conversation.
    • Whatsapp smart button in contact change it with history if that contact.
    • Removed whatsapp icon from log_note in chatter.
    • In discuss change chat whatsapp to live chat, It automatically scroll to the last message received.
    • Contact message history in whatsapp marketing module.
    Bug Fixes & Improvements:
    • Added Quick reply buttons for sending buttons through Whatsapp templates - v14.
    • Send dynamic and static url through button in Whatsapp template - v14.
    • Added Interactive type for sending Interactive templates like send list, product_list, buttons, products through interactive templates - v14.
    • Improved speed and quality of flow ending ineractive templates are much easier and faster
    • Benefits of interactive templates:
      • You don't need to wait till 24 hours for approving templates directly create and send templates faster and easiers - v14.
      • It made system more fasters and easier for sending templates - v14.
    Bug Fixes & Improvements:
    • Issue: import json package/library added in discuss module - V14.
    • Issue: import WebHookMeta package/library added in pos module - V14.
    • Improvements: When Odoo Message Sent, Delivered, Read in WhatsApp - Single, Double Gray Tick and Double Blue Tick (Read Receipts) in Odoo Chatter and Discuss - V14.
    • Improvements: In Odoo Chatter and Discuss, WhatsApp Tab Design changed to same as WhatsApp Screen - V14.
    Bug Fixes & Improvements:
    • Improvements: When Incoming WhatsApp Message Seen/Read in odoo, Double Blue Tick (Read Receipts) in WhatsApp - V14.
    Bug Fixes & Improvements:
    • In WhatsApp, Reply on Message will be added in same thread/message/channel in Odoo - V14.
    • Rebranding of Discuss Screen - V14.
    Bug Fixes & Improvements:
    • Pre WhatsApp Message Templates Functionality Added in Discuss Sidebar - V14.
    Bug Fixes & Improvements:
    • Added Smart Buttons in WhatsApp Marketing History - V14
    • Added Related Model Field in WhatsApp History - V14
    • Added Filter, Groupby, Searchby in WhatsApp History - V14
    • Error Message Handling - Input/Output Error, Message Failed, Wrong Paramenters, 24 hours rule, etc., - V14
    Bug Fixes & Improvements:
    • Dynamic Placeholder When we click on Normal & WhatsApp Button in Sidebar Chatter - V14
    • Header Condition for Live/WhatsApp Tab - In Chat Window - V14
    • Click on Reload/Get Status Button - If Disconnected - Error/Warning Message Shown - V14
    • In Channel, Discussion, Live chat - provider_id - Bug Resolved - V14
    • In Discuss, Channels unable to load & send normal messages - Bug Fixed - V14
    • New Meta WhatsApp V14.0 API - New Categories added in Message Templates - V14
    Initial Release - 1.0
    First Release

    What is the Whatsapp Cloud API?

    The WhatsApp Cloud API, hosted by Meta, allows medium and large businesses to send and receive whatsapp messages to communicate with their customers at scale.

    For More Details: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/cloud-api

    Differences between WhatsApp Cloud API and WhatsApp Business/On-Premise API API

    The main difference between these two is: The WhatsApp Cloud API is hosted and managed by Meta itself, while The WhatsApp Business/On-Premise API is hosted and maintained by third party BSPs.

    For More Details: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/cloud-api/overview/ #on-premises-api-vs--cloud-api-comparison

    Will I get WhatsApp Cloud API for Free? Is WhatsApp Cloud API free?

    The WhatsApp Cloud API is free, all businesses can now access WhatsApp Cloud API for free but messages are charged as per conversation-based pricing model.

    For More Details: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/pricing

    WhatsApp Cloud API pricing

    The WhatsApp Cloud API charged per 24-hour conversation, not per individual message. Pay Per Conversation, Not Per Message: Each conversation is a 24-hour window where you can send unlimited messages.

    For More Details: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/pricing/ #rates

    What is Conversation Based Pricing?

    The WhatsApp API is based on a 24-hour customer service window.

    There are two categories, each with different pricing:

    1. Service (User-initiated) Conversation: When customers send the first message and initiate the conversation. For this type of conversation, businesses can send free-form messages instead of just template messages. You will be charged a Service (user-initiated) rate if you reply to them within 24 hours.

    2. Business-initiated conversation: A business-initiated conversation starts when businesses reach out to customers by sending a message. Only pre-approved message templates can be used for this type of conversation.

    Business-initiated conversations are categorised with one of the following categories:

    1. Marketing, 2. Utility, 3. Authentication and 4. Service.

    You will be charged a Business-initiated rate as per the template category you have used, Fees per conversation vary by country.

    Each conversation lasts for 24 hours, after which it will be counted as a new conversation.

    If you send broadcasts to initiate a conversation with your contact:

    You will be charged a Business-initiated rate as per the template category you have used.

    Each conversation lasts for 24 hours, after which it will be counted as a new conversation

    For More Details: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/pricing/#conversations

    WhatsApp API Message Templates: Pre-Approved Message Templates

    WhatsApp message templates are specific message formats that you can use multiple times to connect with your customer once they've opted-in to receive a message from you. Templates use variables or placeholders that are replaced with dynamic content according to your data. outside of the 24-hour window, you can only send messages via Pre-approved Message Templates

    Before sending a template message, you need to create a template. If your template is not approved, you can not use one of your message templates.

    For More Details: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/cloud-api/guides/send-message-templates/

    Types of Message Templates:

    1 Text Message Templates, 2. Multimedia Message Templates, 3. Interactive Message Templates

    For More Details: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/722393685250070

    What is Temporary & Permanent access token?

    Temporary Access token expires in 24 hours but permanent access token will never expire. This permanent access token will never expire unless you manually revoke it.

    For More Details: https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2022/12/05/auth-tokens/

    Can I use the same number for personal and business WhatsApp?

    No, you cannot use the same phone number for personal and business WhatsApp. If you register for a business account using the same phone number, your personal account will be converted into WhatsApp Business account.

    Can I add my Landline number to WhatsApp Cloud API?

    Yes, you can add your landline number to your WhatsApp Cloud API.

    For More Details: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/phone-numbers/


    How to generate Permanent Access Token in WhatsApp Cloud API?

    For More Details:


    WhatsApp 24-hour rule?

    This means businesses have 24 hours to reply to messages to customers. After those 24 hours, businesses can only send a message with a WhatsApp Business template message. Template messages can be sent to either start a new conversation or reply to a customer after the 24-hour window.

    For More Details:


    Messaging limits: Throughput of messages per second:

    For each registered business phone number, Cloud API supports up to 80 messages per second (mps) by default, and up to 1,000 mps by request. Throughput is inclusive of inbound and outbound messages and all message types.

    For More Details:


    How to increase Phone number Messaging limits?

    Messaging limits determine the maximum number of business-initiated conversations you can initiate using each of your phone numbers in a rolling 24-hour period.

    For More Details:


    Phone Number Quality Rating and Status

    Your quality rating is based on how messages have been received by recipients over the past seven days and is weighted by recency which include user feedback signals like blocks, reports and the reasons users provide when they block a business.

    For More Details:

    https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/messaging-limits #quality-rating-and-messaging-limits

    Verify your business in WhatsApp Cloud API

    We first need to verify your Business means that you need to prove that you are the owner of the business and Facebook lets you verify your business through a form.

    For More Details:


    WhatsApp Green Tick

    An official business account has a green checkmark badge in its profile and chat thread headers.

    For More Details:


    Type of Interactive Messages:

    There are four types of interactive messages. This includes list messages, reply buttons, single-product and multi-product messages. Single and multi-product messages are great for sending a Catalogue to customers.

    How many phone numbers are added to my WhatsApp Business Account?

    A Facebook Business Manager can have multiple WABAs and a WABA can have up to 20 phone numbers. You may register up to 20 phone numbers for a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA).

    Unverified businesses can only connect up to 2 phone numbers to their WABA. However, If you are a verified business and have low message quality and engagement, your business may be limited to 2 phone numbers.

    For More Details:


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