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Required Apps Website (website)
Lines of code 6682
Technical Name web_email
Also available in version v 13.0 v 11.0 v 12.0
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Required Apps Website (website)
Lines of code 6682
Technical Name web_email
Also available in version v 13.0 v 11.0 v 12.0

Odoo Email Inbox

After installation, Go to Settings Users & Companies Users

In Access Rights tab check true "Personal Emails" checkbox.After that, you will be able to see the external email credentials tab in Users from view.Configured your list(s) of email id as shown in the screenshot. Check only one email as your default email from your configured emails.

Web Email Interface

Email interface is look like below screenshot.You can toggle between multiple configured accounts with just one click.

Search & Filter

As per display in screenshot, like a basic search functionality, you can enter any keyword and search through opened folder.

As per display in screenshot, you can enter any keyword and search through all you emails.You can filter your emails using advance search functionality.

Draft / Compose New Mail

To send email click on envelope icon from sidebar.You can quickly email to your odoo partner using web mail.

Add New Contact

You Can Add New Contact by Filling Required Details Like First Name, Last Name, Company Name, and Email Address Add New Contact Here and It Will Create Partner in Odoo

It also provides a list of contact saved in odoo web email interface, as a directory to use.

Create New Folder

You Can Create New Folder in Odoo Web Email Interface. This Helps You to Organize Your Emails More Effectively.

Odoo web email interface also provides functionality of rename/delete folder.

Theme Change

You can change color of your mail interface from provided themes.

Interface Sidebar

You can also adjust sidebar as per your need to view emails in large screen or default one. Sidebar is collapsable.

Odoo Email Interface in Different Languages

Change the Language From Gmail Settings. Change Default "English" Language to Other Languages. This Will Be Reflected in Your Odoo Web Email Interface.

Odoo Email Interface in French

All gmail folders displays in gmail configured language like here in a French. All folder related operation can be performed with these translated folder names.

How can you configure Odoo Email Interface with Yahoo

You can also configure your Yahoo Email account with Odoo Email Interface, but for that you must generate application password as shown in above snapshots. That password will be used as a password in user email credentials configuration.

But language feature is not provided for yahoo accounts in our Odoo Email Interface yet. Only gmail accounts linked with Odoo Email Interface will reflect language feature as Gmail does with their folders.

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Shaun Fabro
on 1/28/22, 5:01 PM Confirmed Purchase

I have a question, why does this module include sentry scripts for tracking?

Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 1/30/22, 11:44 PM Author


There shouldn't be any. Please point to us.

Module is with you with source code, please let us know where we have the sentry from our end ?


different levels of users, can see different mailbox
on 11/30/21, 7:14 AM

Add a function, different levels of users, can see different mailbox, the mailbox of different users displayed in the left column, the permission level similar to the sales team, is quite perfect.


1.Sales / User: Own Documents Only: This is the default group in Odoo.

2. Sales / Sales Team Leader: The new access group that inherits Sales / User: Own Documents Only

3. Sales / Regional Manager: The new access group that inherits the group Sales / Sales Team Leader

4. Sales / User: All Documents: This is the default group in Odoo. It now inherits Sales / Regional Manager instead of Sales / User: Own Documents Only

5. Sales / Administrator: Full access to Sales Management application

Re: different levels of users, can see different mailbox
Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 12/1/21, 3:22 AM Author

Hello Gavinguo,
Greetings from SerpentCS!

I appreciate your great suggestion.
We will work on it


Ryan Tris
on 7/9/21, 6:22 PM

Do you have a live demo of this app?


Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 7/11/21, 11:05 AM Author

Hello Ryan,

We don't have a demo but for more info -
Still if you have doubt please mail on support@serpentcs.com for the demo


on 3/22/21, 8:40 AM


I am looking for an application to manage emails directly in Odoo, like a webmail.

First of all, I would like to have additional information before buying your app:

1. Is it possible to sync folders inbox. At the moment I already have synchronized folders in my inbox. If I create a new inbox folder in Odoo via your app, is it possible for this to be synchronized automatically if I consult the same mailbox on my Outlook for example?

2. If I receive an appointment by email, is it possible to automatically add it to the Odoo calendar if I accept the appointment?

In the meantime,

Yours truly

Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 3/23/21, 2:36 AM Author

Hello Theophane,

1) Yes, you have created one folder via our app then the folder is visible on Gmail or Outlook account 

2) We do not have this functionality in the module as of now.

If you have any queries regarding this app please email contact@serpentcs.com.

We will connect our expert there to see your query and will give you the demo,


on 11/19/20, 4:52 PM

Hi, is it possible to create a shared e-mail box with the Odoo users and also for everyone a individual ? Al with gmail accounts ?

Jay Vora - SerpentCS
on 11/20/20, 12:21 AM Author

No, it is individual one. but you can share when one user in odoo is given to all of them.