v 15.0 Third Party 4
Required Apps Fleet (fleet)
Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Purchase (purchase)
Sales (sale_management)
Lines of code 10602
Technical Name aspl_hotel
Also available in version v 12.0 v 13.0 v 14.0
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Required Apps Fleet (fleet)
Inventory (stock)
Invoicing (account)
Purchase (purchase)
Sales (sale_management)
Lines of code 10602
Technical Name aspl_hotel
Also available in version v 12.0 v 13.0 v 14.0

Odoo 15 Hotel Management (Community)

This module allows Hotel Room Booking.

Note: This module is tested and working in Odoo community edition but not tested in Enterprise version. And we are supporting Ubuntu OS and not Windows OS.


  • Rooms.
  • Room Booking.
  • Customer Pickup/Drop Service.
  • Multiple Branch.
  • Laundry Services.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Agent Commission.
  • Events Management.

How to use

  • Configuration for hotel, User can enable Agent Commission, Laundry Service, House Keeping, Past booking and also can enter the advance payment in percentage, number of month for past booking record.

  • Create branches based on single or multi company concept.

  • Create floor with specific details.

  • You can create rooms with specific details.

  • You can create different room types.

  • Create identity proof types.

  • Walk-in form for room booking.

  • User can pay advance payment for booking by clicking on advance payment button and enter advance payment amount and then click on confirm button. It will generate invoice of advance payment.

  • Click on check in button for user to check in into hotel. After that click on create folio button to create a folio related to walk in.

  • By clicking on the create folio button, you can see below popup to select existing or new customer and then click on save button to create folio(invoice).

  • Create laundry types.

  • Create laundry items.

  • User can create laundry then click on collect button.

  • Then you can click on receive button and enter the number of cloth received from the landry.

  • Create work order category.

  • Create work order.

  • Click on housekeeping -> housekeeping dashboard to see related work orders.

  • Click on start button to start work order and finish button to finish work order. One pop will appear while finishing work order where housekeeper user can enter work order remarks.

  • After done folio you can see create invoice button to create invoice for folio. You can do payment for invoice of the booking.

  • Calendar view for booking details.

  • Create event from event menu.

  • Enable agent for the commission from the customer menu -> sales and purchase.

  • Contact is agent then one tab will be visible for agent commission to set commission types fixed or percentage.

  • You can see the commission details in agent commission menu.

  • By clicking on the commission payment, Vendor Bill can be generated by filtering Commission records.

  • Create pick up / drop service for customer.

  • Pickup / Drop or Pickup and Drop both service can include in a related folio of that customer.

  • Invoice can be create if Pickup / Drop service is paid.

  • Create cancellation policy.

  • Click on cancel button to cancel reservation of that room booking and it will generate related folio of that walk-in.Based on cancellation policy, it will automatically generate invoice for that amount.

Release Notes

Release Update - April 14, 2022
Version -

NOTE: We give 60 days support for our customers. Before trying in your live db, please ask us to provide you for test link. If any other custom modules are installed and because of that some errors occurs then we charge extra.

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Nice,I really like this.
Saw Khay Nay
on 6/22/22, 6:40 PM

Hello guys,I wanna see this hotel module demo version.Can you give me this hotel module demo or something?



Fatullah Baig
on 3/30/22, 3:53 AM

I need a demo of this software please.

Appreciated to contact me at :  info@btechsol.com