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Technical Name opentech_sslcrt
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Lines of code 449
Technical Name opentech_sslcrt

SSL Management


  • Python3 openssl
  • Python3 cryptography


  • OCSP:
    • System Parameter ocsp.url: Value example: http[s]:mydomain.tld/ssl/{}/ocsp; {} will be replaced by the company id. The OCSP extension will be created in the partner certificate on Generate or Renew.
  • Certificate Duration:
    • System Parameter ssl.crt.days: Duration of the certificates in days. By default 365 days.
    • System Parameter Duration of the certification authority in days (by default 3650 days)
  • SSL Certificate Login:
    • System Parameter ssl.login.proxy (required): Apache2 or nginx proxy IP from where the requests will be made. Usually (localhost)
    • System Parameter ssl.login.url (required): Put the complete url. The domain to connect must use the certificate generated by the company's CA. See the video example.
    • Tested only on the Community Edition

Proxy Configuration:

  • Apache2:
    • See file apache2-example-site.conf
    • Enable required modules: a2enmod ssl rewrite proxy proxy_http headers
  • Nginx:
    • See file nginx-example-site


  • Once logged in using the certificate, the user's key is deactivated. It can be recovered using "reset password".

Video Example:

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