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Required Apps Project (project)
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Technical Name project_subproject_omax
Also available in version v 12.0 v 13.0 v 14.0
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Required Apps Project (project)
Lines of code 161
Technical Name project_subproject_omax
Also available in version v 12.0 v 13.0 v 14.0

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Project Sub Project Management


This application allows user to create Sub-Project for Any Project

Problem Statements

  • When project is Big and complex then its really hard to manage things in same project
  • We can create Child tasks but same feature is not available for Projects


  • Easy to divide the projects into subprojects.
  • Quickly see the list of sub-projects in the tabview of the main project
  • Unlimited hierarchy level
  • Easy to filter Sub-Projects
  • Project Level configuration for Subprojects.
  • Restrict deletion of Project when it has Sub-Porjects
  • Restrict deletion of Sub-project when it has Tasks
  • Easy to use and quick to apply
  • Please check below instructions and Video for more Details

How It Works

Enable Configuration from Settings

Enable Configuration from Projects Form

Admin of the project will enable Subprojects if needed for particular project

Subprojects feature enabled

Once enabled, User can see Subprojects tab and Sub-Projects smart button to navigate subprojetcts

Smart button to see Sub-projects

Once click this button user can see all the Subprojects created for this project

Subprojects Kanban view

Subprojects List view

User can see the extra column for Parent project to identify this is child project of that parent project

Subprojects in main List view

Subprojects are already added as normal projects so we can find them alongwith the Parent projects.

Groupby Subprojects

Filter Subprojects

Deleting Project

When project has Subprojects and user try to delete the main project then following validation will be applied

Deleting Subproject

When Subproject has tasks created then following validation will be applied

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Arturo Mendez
on 7/18/22, 2:40 PM

Hi, I have a couple of questions about this:

1. Can I close sub-projects apart from the parent and be able to determine profitability?

2. Can I create analytical accounts by sub-project?

3. Can I filter in the native reports to clients + project + subprojects?

let me know, I have one of my clients very interested in those points that I just shared with you.

Anand Patel
on 7/19/22, 2:46 AM Author

Hi Arturo Mendez,

We have clearly showed the features in our application already.

However i can set-up demo for you to test its functionality and on top of that if needed we can customise based on your request.

Please contact us on for further discussion.