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v 15.0 Third Party 4
Included Dependencies
Lines of code 11839
Technical Name whatsapp_connector_helpdesk_mgmt
Also available in version v 14.0 v 13.0
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Included Dependencies
Lines of code 11839
Technical Name whatsapp_connector_helpdesk_mgmt
Also available in version v 14.0 v 13.0

Real ChatRoom
Send and Receive messages. Multi Whatsapp numbers. / Whatsapp: +56 67 221 7777

Welcome new version 3
New design and functions. Odoo 13-14-15
- Full account free test !
- New Plans low cost !

Community version, OCA

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This is Base module + HelpDesk Ticket

If you have already purchased Base module, no need to buy again (USD$ 75 free) when you buy this.

  1. HelpDesk Ticket in ChatRoom Main View: Create HelpDesk Ticket in one click. Copy & paste text from chat.
  2. HelpDesk Ticket form: Send WhatsApp directly from HelpDesk Ticket form. Create new WhatsApp contact.

Compatible modules

Separate modules so you don't have to install extra Odoo apps

ChatRoom main view


Base for all modules

ChatRoom main view, Odoo WhatsApp

Modules to Extend ChatRoom main view


Instagram Direct
FaceBook Messenger


Create CRM Leads
from ChatRoom


Create Sale Order + Invoice
from ChatRoom

HelpDesk Enterprise

Create HelpDesk Ticket
from ChatRoom

HelpDesk Community (OCA)

Create HelpDesk Ticket
from ChatRoom

Extend Odoo applications

All you need for
Whatsapp - Instagram - Messenger

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Automatic replies
Products & Templates


Batch, Marketing & Group

Stock Picking

Auto & Manual send
in Stock Move


Send Whatsapp
from Point of Sale


See chat history
in chatter


Free module!
Message Templates

Full account Free test

How init?

  1. Go to Settings > ChatRoom > Connectors
  2. Select the connector and click on "Init Free Test" button.
  3. Scan QR and that's all !!
New Plans low cost
To use our modules you must contract a Plan in

- Start at USD$ 9 / month
- Send via or Gupshup.   or


We do not offer CHAT-API because it starts at USD $39.
Gupshup does the same and has a lower price.

Start conversation:

  • chat-api:
    - Cannot send text freely.
    Must first send "Whatsapp approved template".
    - Check that your module can initiate conversation using approved Whatsapp template.
    Otherwise you will not be able to initiate and also not reply after 24 hours.

    - You must wait for the contact to respond or approve to send a free text message.
  • apichat:
    - Yes, you can send any text, image or attachment.

Extra charges:

  • chat-api:
    - Yes, only 1,000 conversations per month for USD $39, then you must pay for each one.
    - Average: 33 conversations per day.
    - Incoming and outgoing are counted.
    - Any conversation after 24 hours is counted as a new conversation, even if the contact is the same.
  • apichat:
    - No. Only counts messages, not conversations.
    - With a 200 message plan (USD $24) you can handle over 3,000 conversations in a month.
    - Average: over 100 conversations per day.

No ofrecemos CHAT-API porque comienza en USD $39.
Gupshup hace lo mismo a un menor precio.

Iniciar conversación:

  • chat-api:
    - No puede enviar texto libremente.
    Debe primero enviar "plantilla aprobada por Whatsapp".
    - Comprueba que tu módulo puede iniciar conversación mediante plantilla aprobada por Whatsapp.
    De otra forma no podrás iniciar y tampoco responder después de 24 horas.

    - Debe esperar que el contacto responda o apruebe para enviar un mensaje de texto libre.
  • apichat:
    - Sí, puede enviar cualquier texto, imagen ó adjunto.

Cargos extra:

  • chat-api:
    - Sí, solo 1.000 conversaciones al mes por USD $39, después debe pagar por cada una.
    - Promedio: 33 conversaciones al día.
    - Se cuentan las entrantes y salientes.
    - Se cuenta como nueva conversación cualquiera después de 24 horas, aunque el contacto sea el mismo.
  • apichat:
    - No. Solo cuenta mensajes, no conversaciones.
    - Con plan de 200 mensajes (USD $24) puede manejar sobre 3.000 conversaciones en un mes.
    - Promedio: sobre 100 conversaciones al día.

To use our modules you must contract a Plan in


HelpDesk Ticket from ChatRoom

Create Ticket directly from main ChatRoom view.

Copy & Paste data from chat.

ChatRoom, Odoo WhatsApp HelpDesk Ticket
ChatRoom, Odoo WhatsApp HelpDesk Ticket Send Direct Message
Direct messages

Send custom message from HelpDesk Ticket.

Get extra FREE modules to send from other places.

ChatRoom, Odoo WhatsApp Mobile
Mobile Friendly

Responsive ChatRoom main view.

Adapted to Odoo Enterprise.

Odoo Community compatible ?
Fully adapted with OCA
"web_responsive" module.

Remember, Odoo Online (Saas) does not support third-party modules.
This module is compatible with and Self Hosted (On-Premise). Community version, OCA.
License: OPL-1 (Odoo Proprietary License v1.0)

By using or downloading this module, you agree not to make modifications that affect sending messages through or avoiding contract a Plan with Acruxlab.

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