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Required Apps CRM (crm)
Sales (sale_management)
Invoicing (account)
Lines of code 25210
Technical Name crm_dashboard
Also available in version v 11.0 v 15.0 v 14.0 v 12.0 v 13.0
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Required Apps CRM (crm)
Sales (sale_management)
Invoicing (account)
Lines of code 25210
Technical Name crm_dashboard
Also available in version v 11.0 v 15.0 v 14.0 v 12.0 v 13.0

CRM Dashboard

Detailed Dashboard View for CRM.

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The CRM Dashboard module helps you to see the Overview of the CRM module and its functioning. The Odoo CRM module will provide a complete over of the entire functional aspects of the Customer Relationship Management operations which are conducted with Odoo CRM. Moreover, you will attain a clear insight into the Leads, Opportunities, Expected, and Total Revenue. The Dashboard can be viewed in two different formats one for the Admin and another for the User. In the case of the Admin, the CRM Dashboard will provide a complete insight on the operations of the CRM providing a complete insight into the operations. Whereas in the case of the user they will only obtain certain of the details which they have been providing authorization. The user authorization differs based on their job role. For example, a Sales person will not have the same dashboard as that of a Sales Manager.
Furthermore, we can view the different types of reports in the form of graphs according to the values and operations of CRM providing the viewer with complete insight into the real-time operations of the CRM operations of the company.


Dedicated Views for Users and Admins.
Activity monitoring.
Year to Date bar graphTarget Field in User Settings.
Top deals and Monthly revenue goals.
The users will have different authorization based on the employment level.
Insight on Upcoming and Recent activities.
Opportunity Lost reason management.
Clickable Dashboard Cards.


Clickable Dashboard Cards

You can click on the respective Cards which will direct the users to the respective information and aspects of the CRM operations with Odoo. Moreover, these Clickable Cards will act as a navigation icon within the CRM dashboard for the easiness of operations. Furthermore, these Clickable Cards will ensure that the configuration and the operations of the CRM dashboard are the way you need them.

Target, Lead and Activity analysis

A dedicated Funnel Chart provides you with complete insight into the Leads which are in operation. The leads will be depicted as New, Qualified, Proposition, and Won. Moreover, the Year date target will provide an insight into the goals which are achieved. The Donut graph based on the monthly Lead operation will provide a clear picture of the monthly Lead operations. Additionally, the Activity Donut graph will describe the activity analysis on the leads.

Set up Individual user targets

With the CRM Dashboard configuration, you will be able to set the individual target amount for the Leads to be acquired by a user for a period of time, which can be set as Date, Month or Year. The Targets can be set under the Settings tab > User Settings > Below the access right tab.

A dedicated Listing of Top Deals and the Monthly Goal Gauge motivates users

The Top Deals on the products and services will be listed out in a dedicated menu which helps the users and the Salesperson to deal with the Leads and Opportunities with respect to it. Moreover, this will be a useful tool in promoting the various deals instantly to the Leads and the Opportunities.
The Monthly Goal Gauges that are available will serve as a motivation booster for the Sales team as well as the users to pursue on more leads to achieve the target. Additionally, the Lead Groping analysis with the help of the graph in the form of Donut providing analysis on Lead Groups by Medium, Campaign, and Source will be helpful for the business.

Upcoming Activities and Total Revenue

Activity management is vital for CRM operations and the CRM Dashboard will provide a dedicated tab defining the upcoming activities. These tabs will be different for each user based on their operations in the company. Moreover, the Admin will have a separate view of their own activities having clearer insight into the operations.
Furthermore, the Total Revenue of the respective Salesperson will be depicted in the form of a graph providing the complete insight into the Revenue from the Leads which are being generated.

An informative Heat Map

In the CRM Dashboard, you will obtain an informative heat map on the aspects of the Revenue obtained based on the CRM operations. Here the Top Salesperson, as well as Top Country Revenues, will be depicted with a color-coordinated Heat map providing clear insight on the financial values of revenue which is being generated. Moreover, a detailed tab will provide the information on the country-vise count on the opportunities which are being attained. The Country-wise count is also depicted on a heat map.

Lost Analysis, Recent Activities, and Top Salesperson.

You will get an insight on the lost opportunities and Leads from the Lost Analysis Graph providing a clearer insight based on year or month. The Recent Activities description tab will provide a complete insight on the Activities which have been scheduled and conducted recently in regard to the Customer Relationship management operations on the pursuing of Leads and Opportunities.

Dashboard View of the User.

As mentioned earlier there are dedicated views for the Admin as well as the User who has access to the CRM Dashboard. The Following screenshot depicts the User view of the CRM Dashboard. Here the information relating to the respective user and their operations will be only depicted and the ones which the respective User has authorization to can be modified.

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