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Technical Name izi_dashboard
Versions 12.0 13.0 11.0 14.0 16.0 15.0
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Odoo Online
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Community Apps Dependencies
Lines of code 19909
Technical Name izi_dashboard
Versions 12.0 13.0 11.0 14.0 16.0 15.0
Latest Update (4.0.14) : 17 November 2023

Analytics Dashboard

Presenting the Ultimate Analytic Dashboard. Unleash Advanced Calculations for Deeper Insights
and Elevate Your Data with Stunning Visualizations.

Amazing Odoo App

Experience the Power Yourself!

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Email Us (admin@iziapp.id)

Hot Feature

Generative AI

Unleash Limitless Analysis Possibilities with Our AI-Powered Engine!.
Instantly Explore and Generate Dynamic Visualizations!

Generate Chart by Keyword

Say Goodbye to Lengthy Dashboard Creation! Now, Simply Type a Keyword and Watch the Magic Unfold.
Alternatively, Choose from a Range of AI-Generated Analyses Ready at Your Fingertips!

Explanation and Insight

Our AI can explain the analysis in your language perfectly.
It give recommendation and insight too!
image-ai-insight image-ai-insight-text
New Feature

Drill Down

Ignite a Passion for Exploration through Interactivity. Dive Deeper into Your Data and
Uncover Insights with the Dynamic Drill-Down Feature

Dynamic Custom Filter

The first analytic dashboard in the Odoo Apps with the most essentials features.
You can add filters on the dashboard using date or any field you want.

Analytic Dashboard Features

All features you need to manage your data beautifully

Dynamic Dashboard Builder
Beautiful Animated Charts
Analysis Focused View
Select Metric, Dimension, Sort
Show / Hide Charts Data
Multiple Metrics and Dimensions
Multi-Dimensional Bar & Line Chart
Data Filtration By Domain or Query
Advanced Date Filter
Default Date Filter On Dashboard
Various Visualization Options
Heat Map That Support All States in Most Countries
Responsive: Fluid & Flexible Layout
Move Dashboard Items Position
Multi-Color Themes
Open Data in List View
Export Dashboard to PNG
Export Dashboard Data to Excel
Predefined Analysis
Community / Enterprise / Odoo.Sh Support
Access Control
Monetary / Custom Units
Multi-Company Support
Multi-Currency Support
Multiple Data Source
Custom Query to Get Data
Predefined Table View
Data Mart and ETL Process
Python Calculation for ETL Process
Upload and Read XLS / CSV Attachment
Get Data From API
Get Data From Scrapping
Use Data Science Library (Extension)
Connect To External MySQL and PostgreSQL (Extension)
Key Performance Indicator
Multi-Level KPI System
Import Export KPI Target
KPI Calculation From Odoo Models
Custom KPI Calculation With Scheduler
Auto Calculation From Child KPIs
Show KPI Achievement On Dashboard
Date Filter on KPI Dashboard

Create Dashboard
From Existing Analysis

Let your business users select existing analysis and build the dashboard

Or Explore New Data

while your data analyst exploring new data in analysis view

Define Metrics and Dimensions Easily

All the fields from the table will appear on the left panel. You can easily set up your metrics and dimensions by clicking on them. You can also set the order (ascending or descending), the calculation applied for the metrics, and the format for each dimension.


Chart Display

You can change the visual setting of an analysis by clicking the visual tab. There are several visual types available and more will be added later.

Every chart can also be configured in more detail such as changing the radius of a pie chart, the position of the legends, etc.



The chart position is dynamic. You can move, resize, edit, and zoom in on the charts and personalize your dashboard with themes.

Explore Various Data Sources

Extract data from various data sources, not only Odoo. Currently, We have data source connectors to external PostgreSQL and MySQL Databases. (Extension Module - Beta Version)

You can also read data from CSV / XLS files and automatically pull data from Google Sheets and fetch from external application APIs.


Export and Share The Insights

You can export an Analysis Dataset as an XLS file. You can capture the awesome dashboard you've created as a PDF file ready to share.

Updated Feature

Elegant Color Themes

Elegant multi-colored themes are available to personalize your visualization. Just click on the theme you want and it will be applied to your dashboard.

Unlock The Power Of
Queries & Python Codes

Working with something more complex? No problem, you can have an Odoo-based ETL Tool with SQL Editor, Python Codes, Attachments, and Schedulers.
Getting data from API, joining with CSV files, and comparing to Odoo Calculation, is all now possible with the IZI Analytic Platform.

Track Company Performance
With Key Performance Indicators

Set your company, department, sales team, or employee KPIs easily. Generate periods and import targets from CSV.

Monitor On Performance Dashboard

Get the KPIs calculated automatically and monitor them on the performance dashboard!
New Feature

Manage User Permissions

There are always going to be sensitive bits of information in your data.
IZI Analytics Dashboard provides 2 user groups to ensure that people on your team only see the data they are supposed to.

Yes, the app works perfectly well with Odoo Enterprise (On-premise and Odoo.SH) as well as Community. Odoo Online (Cloud) does not allow installation of third-party apps and hence this app cannot be installed on Odoo Online.

Starting version 13, every version of the app will be sold separately. We offer free support for a duration of 90 days from the date of purchase. Kindly read our support policy to know the details.

--> You can periodically check our Odoo Store Page to get the latest updated version.

IZI Analytics Dashboard provides 2 user groups to ensure that people on your team only see the data they are supposed to.

"Dashboard Manager" has the ability to modify data & manage dashboard layouts; while the role "Dashboard User" can only access & view the dashboard assigned to it.

You can open the "Manage User" page in the Settings menu. on the "Access Rights" tab there is a selection "IZI Dashboard" to set access rights to the visualization dashboard and a selection "IZI Data Analysis" to set access rights to the ability to control/manipulate data in the displayed visualization.

Users can only get 1 license for 1 company, if the user is a vendor who wants to implement in many companies, the user has to buy again from us for many companies, "for example, a vendor implementing 3 companies, the vendor must buy 3 modules"

You can contact us to request a customization in the app.

Please drop email at admin@iziapp.id

Yes, but the AI features is accessed by using API to our website https://lab.iziapp.id. So you need to register first to our website to get the API key. Then input the API key in the company form or in the popup wizard when acessing the features.

Some of the AI features are free to use, but some of them are premium. Once you obtain the API key, you will get 1 month free trial of the premium features. After the trial period is over, you can choose to continue using the premium features by paying the subscription on our website. With the subscription, we will regularly update the library generated by our AI and train the AI to be better at giving the recommendation and insights.

The AI do not required any data to generate analysis or explore the visualization. We never send your data to AI or store them in our server. We only send the structure of the table to the AI.

But for the other feature, for the AI to give explanation and insight, the AI need to read your data. To ensure the security of your data, we only send a summarized and unlabelled data to be processed by AI. Our server do not store the data and because the data is unlabelled, it is impossible for the AI or us to know the data is belong to which company.

We also provide the option to use the AI features in your own server to improve the security of your data even further. You can contact us at admin@iziapp.id to discuss the details.

Release 4.0.14

17 November, 2023
  • Material-icon with t-esc for translation

Release 4.0.13

14 November, 2023
  • Addons connector to MsSQL
  • Fix feature read attachment from xls file

Release 4.0.9

9 October, 2023
  • Fix the drill down feature to display from target data 'selection'

Release 4.0.8

2 October, 2023
  • Added: visual config "Scrollbar" for bar, line, bullet-bar and bar-line visualization
  • Updated : Change minimal grid for dashboard layout

Release 4.0.7

29 August, 2023
  • Enhance Script Editor & Add Script AI Assistance
  • Fix Bugs Sort, Fix Bugs Export Excel
  • Update : Quick Open Analysis

Release 4.0.6

22 August, 2023
  • Fixed Bugs and Add Error Handler
  • Smoothing and Styling UI
  • Add New Capabilities To Scripting, Visual and Data Script Editor
  • New : Floating Editor

Release 4.0.4

12 August, 2023
  • Fixing : Drilldown function, Export excel with filter, and more.

Release 4.0.3

4 August, 2023
  • Fixing : Read Attachment file, Get Table odoo, and many more.

Release 4.0.2

20 July, 2023
  • New Feature : Drill Down Chart

Release 4.0.1

1 July, 2023
  • Right-to-left languages are now supported on chart

Release 4.0.0

26 June, 2023
  • New Feature : Generate & Explain Analysis with AI
  • and many other major updates.

Release 3.2.1

1 May, 2023
  • New Dynamic Filter and Special Variable in Query Editor.

Release 3.1.12

5 April, 2023
  • New Config "Auto Rotate Label" for Bar Chart.

Release 3.1.11

4 April, 2023
  • Show negarive value on Bar, Row, BarLine, and RowLine visualization.

Release 3.1.10

14 March, 2023
  • Add FAQ

Release 3.1.9

24 February, 2023
  • Add Function "read_google_spreadsheet" on izi_tools.

Release 3.1.8

06 February, 2023
  • Add SearchBox on Dashboard List modal.
  • Adding capture button on Analysis View
  • Add 12 Extra-Themes
  • Adding access rights features
  • Updated page description

Release 3.1.0

23 December, 2022
  • Fixed Bugs Maps Viz, Scatter Plot.
  • Error Handling when metrics or dimensions not defined
  • Scorecard formed into 3 visual types
  • Updated page description

Release 3.0.0

30 November, 2022
Release Version
  • Release version for Odoo 16.
  • Update new schema Analytic Dashboard & KPI

Release 2.3.5

28 October, 2022
  • Fixed various kinds of bugs.

Release 2.2.0

23 August, 2022
  • Directly add dashboard analysis when select the analysis item, default dashboard block grid when add analysis.
  • Define default grid of dashboard block.
  • Feature Schedulers & Attachments Menu.

Release 2.1.0

11 August, 2022
New Feature
  • Dashboard Themes
  • Sort & Filter Data
  • Backend display notification
  • Multiple singleton write & unlink table
  • UI backend izi_analysis

Release 2.0.0

21 June, 2022
Release version
  • Release version for Odoo 11 - 15.

90 Days Support

We will provide support for any doubts, queries, and bug fixing (excluding data recovery).

Contact Us today!


Chat with Us (+62) 851-7970-0113

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agreement from the authors of the Software (see the COPYRIGHT file).
You may develop Odoo modules that use the Software as a library (typically
by depending on it, importing it and using its resources), but without copying
any source code or material from the Software. You may distribute those
modules under the license of your choice, provided that this license is
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It is forbidden to publish, distribute, sublicense, or sell copies of the Software
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The above copyright notice and this permission notice must be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.

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Great Module & Great Customer Support
Filipe Brígida
on 11/14/23, 10:49 AM

Amazing app and the best customer support we've experienced

Unlimited Possibilities!
Natur Botanica
on 10/21/23, 12:14 AM

By having a python and js script editor, there will be unlimited possibilities to build a amazing dashboard!

I can get data from external, combine with query, even use ML libraries to make prediction then show the results in any js charts I want. It is simply amazing! Great app!

very nice screens and great module
HOGO Solutions
on 10/19/23, 6:15 AM

Lots of cool features.
I can't wait to install it and see my customer's reaction.

Generative AI
on 9/14/23, 12:23 AM

What I have learned so far about applying AI to this theme in Odoo

Meethaq int
on 8/18/23, 3:51 PM

There were several software errors in the application, and many unhandled error messages were sent through technical support. :(

IZI Solusi Usaha Mudah
on 8/20/23, 3:38 AM Author

Thank you for your purchase and we have received your report. 

We have released a newest version immediately after we found there is an error when using other language while re-fetching the tables from Odoo. You can redownload the module again to solve the issue.

Thanks again for your report. If you have any other issues, do not hesitate to report back to us or email to admin@iziapp.id

Fantastic Module
on 8/4/23, 6:49 PM

The IZI is one of the best dashboards I've seen in a while. It works really well, and I can create almost all the visualizations I need.

Just a quick note, on the Aug 4 update Direct Query no longer displays not sure why.

A game changer dashboard! Must have for odoo.
on 7/27/23, 2:50 AM

Izi Dashboard has completely transformed the way we handle data visualization in our business! From the moment we started using it, we were blown away by its user-friendly interface and intuitive design. Creating custom dashboards and widgets became a breeze, even for team members with limited technical expertise.

The extensive range of pre-built widgets is simply outstanding. With an impressive variety of charts, graphs, KPIs, and custom views, we can effortlessly analyze our data from multiple perspectives, gaining invaluable insights that drive better decision-making.

Data consolidation is another standout feature of Izi Dashboard. Being able to seamlessly integrate data from various Odoo apps into a single dashboard has provided us with a holistic view of our business performance. It's incredible how this app has streamlined our analytics process, saving us time and effort.

The dynamic capabilities of the app truly set it apart. With real-time data synchronization and an interactive dashboard designer, we can monitor key metrics and adjust our strategies on the fly. It has become an indispensable tool for staying ahead of the competition.

What's more, the app's responsiveness on mobile devices has been a game-changer for our remote workforce. Whether in the office or on the go, our team can access critical insights and stay connected with the latest data trends.

The level of support and continuous updates from the Izi Dashboard team have been exceptional. They genuinely care about user feedback and continuously improve the app, making it better with each update.

In conclusion, we strongly recommend Izi Dashboard. It has elevated our data visualization capabilities to new heights, making our business operations more efficient and data-driven. If you're an Odoo user looking for a top-notch dashboard solution, Izi Dashboard is the one to choose!

Dashboard IZI is really powerful
Derma Tecno
on 7/24/23, 6:53 AM

The app allows you to create dashboards that are not only functional but also pleasing to look at. It utilizes the AI power to create a variety of types of dashboards very easily.

Support is also very responsive when needed. I needed assistance on a issue creating a specific type of metric and they responded quickly and provided screen shots and videos to demonstrate the process. Thanks for the support

Best Reporting App
on 7/14/23, 12:36 AM

Awesome reporting app.Its also easy to setup and has beautiful layout themes .

Best Module! No Doubt!
on 7/13/23, 10:39 AM

Purchasing this module is like finding a hidden gem in the Odoo App Store. 
It has the best visualization design, support filters, can connect to other external data sources, better UI UX, even include AI features in the newest updates. I cannot believe the price

The support team were very supportive and fast to response. I bet it will be the best module in the store in no time

Thanks IZI Team !!!

RTL Issue
Mohamed Fathy
on 6/29/23, 12:12 PM Reviewed

Email sent with attachments to clarify the issue, Hope to solve it ASAP 

Re: RTL Issue
IZI Solusi Usaha Mudah
on 7/5/23, 12:09 PM Author

Hi Mohamed Fathy,

We have just released the newest version on July 1st 2023 that support RTL on charts. It seems that the version you are using does not support the RTL yet. We also send you an email to explain how to activate the RTL configuration. 

Thank you, we are very happy to improve our modules with your feedback.
Hope you enjoy our dashboard modules with the new RTL features!

amazing module.. five star
on 11/15/23, 11:34 PM

GREAT APP.. keep up a great job

Aplikasi keren .. teruslah berkarya

on 11/15/23, 11:27 PM

odoo 17.0 anytime soon?
Omar Saleh
on 11/12/23, 8:46 AM Confirmed Purchase

Re: odoo 17.0 anytime soon?
IZI Solusi Usaha Mudah
on 11/12/23, 7:52 PM Author

Hi Thank you for your purchase,

Currently, we don't have v17 available but we will port it to that version as soon as possible.

does not work
mohamed mamdouh
on 11/5/23, 1:44 AM

أWe contacted customer service three days ago 

بBecause we are trying to file a report 

وThis thing doesn't work 

Re: does not work
IZI Solusi Usaha Mudah
on 11/5/23, 6:26 AM Author

Hi Thank you for your purchase,
What problems are you experiencing?
For faster service, you can contact the email admin@iziapp.id. Thank you.

Brian Lee
on 10/4/23, 9:28 PM

The izi dashboard module provides an intuitive dashboard interface, allowing users to easily interact and analyze data quickly.

on 9/27/23, 6:06 PM

Can apply filter/domain on login user and today date?

Re: inquery
IZI Solusi Usaha Mudah
on 9/28/23, 10:01 PM Author

Hi thank you for your purchase.

Yes, you can apply filter/domain the dashboard by grouping the dashboard users If you want the dashboard to only be visible to certain users. Likewise with today's date.

If you have any questions you can text me by email to admin@iziapp.id. Thank you

Generative AI
on 9/13/23, 7:59 AM Confirmed Purchase

What I have learned so far about applying AI to this theme in Odoo

on 9/13/23, 7:57 AM Confirmed Purchase

What I have learned so far about applying AI to this theme in Odoo

on 8/4/23, 9:55 PM

Hi how to get a 50% discount on this module

A Revolutionary Leap in Odoo Dashboard Solutions: Izi Dashboard Redefines Data Visualization
on 7/25/23, 10:47 PM Confirmed Purchase

In the realm of Odoo dashboard apps, one stands out as a true game-changer: Izi Dashboard. Packed with innovative and breakthrough features, this app has taken data visualization to new heights, providing users with an unparalleled experience in managing their business operations.

Right from the start, Izi Dashboard impresses with its user-friendly interface. Creating customized dashboards and widgets becomes effortless, thanks to the app's intuitive design and drag-and-drop functionality. Regardless of your technical background, you can effortlessly organize, filter, and display data according to your specific needs.

One of the standout features that distinguishes Izi Dashboard is its vast array of pre-built widgets. With an extensive selection of charts, graphs, KPIs, and custom views, users have the flexibility to visualize their data in diverse and insightful ways. Gone are the days of static dashboards; Izi Dashboard's dynamic capabilities enable you to interact with data, unlocking real-time insights for better decision-making.

Data consolidation is another area where Izi Dashboard shines. Seamlessly integrating data from multiple Odoo apps, the app provides a holistic view of your business's performance. Whether it's sales, inventory, customer interactions, or financial metrics, you can access and analyze everything from a single dashboard.

One of the most impressive aspects of Izi Dashboard is its adaptability to modern business needs. As businesses evolve, so do the dashboard requirements. The app's powerful dashboard designer empowers you to create and customize interactive dashboards that align perfectly with your evolving analytics needs.

Furthermore, Izi Dashboard has addressed the needs of a mobile workforce. The app's responsive design ensures that dashboards look and function flawlessly on various devices, allowing you to stay connected and make data-driven decisions on the go.

Izi Dashboard's commitment to user satisfaction is evident through its exceptional customer support and continuous updates. The development team actively listens to user feedback, incorporating valuable insights into frequent app enhancements. As a result, users can confidently rely on Izi Dashboard for a cutting-edge dashboard experience.

In conclusion, the Izi Dashboard app for Odoo sets a new standard in data visualization. Its user-friendly interface, extensive widget selection, data consolidation capabilities, adaptability, and excellent customer support make it a top choice for businesses seeking an innovative and efficient dashboard solution. Experience the future of data visualization with Izi Dashboard today!

on 7/4/23, 5:41 AM Confirmed Purchase

Awesome Module
on 7/4/23, 5:10 AM Confirmed Purchase

Best Odoo reporting module for corporate companies .
Many Elegant themes and reporting options.

Bad Support
Mohamed Fathy
on 6/17/23, 10:54 AM Confirmed Purchase

No response from tech support
A support request has been sent without a response
A reminder was sent without a response
Messaged on WhatsApp without a response

Re: Bad Support
IZI Solusi Usaha Mudah
on 6/29/23, 1:27 AM Author

Hi thank you for your purchase.
We are trying to response to any email or message regarding the module. But we do not find your email or your message. We are afraid the message is not received by our support team.

Can you resend the email to admin@iziapp.id so our team can resolve the problem immediately. Thank you

on 6/9/23, 4:42 AM

- Support drill down on all charts

- In Demo, i show AI as beta, when purchase it will include, and it's need chatgpt api or what?

Re: inquery
IZI Solusi Usaha Mudah
on 6/29/23, 1:33 AM Author

- We are not supporting the drill down on charts by default. But it can be done manually with custom JS script on our chart.
- Yes it is included. But the AI features are accessed through API to our website.  So you need to register to our website and get the API key.

on 5/31/23, 3:37 AM Confirmed Purchase

It shows in the footer saying chart created using AMCharts library. Is it licensed? Please let us know how to remove this branding. 

IZI Solusi Usaha Mudah
on 6/29/23, 1:29 AM Author

The library is free to use as long as the brand is not removed.
But if you want to remove the brand, you can purchase the license on amcharts website (https://www.amcharts.com)

Thank you

Expose as Page on Website
Alexander D. Kostopoulos
on 11/27/22, 7:13 AM

Is it possible for the Dashboards to be exposed as Website pages?

on 11/20/22, 5:28 AM Confirmed Purchase