Account Reporting and Multicompany extension

v 6.0 Third Party 213
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Required Apps Accounting and Financial Management (account)
Included Dependencies
Technical Name account_account_extension_o4sb
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* This module is AGPLv3 and incompatible with OpenERP Enterprise Private Use License. It may also depend on other AGPLv3 moudles for which neither OpenERP or I hold copyright, so sorry Private Use customers, I am unable to dual license * This module provides :

differentiated default journal sequences, journal names and account codes for multicompany removes required restriction from account code_digits adds short_name to company adds new account types to allow better balance sheet and P & L reporting replaces default Balance Sheet and P & L.

in order to use effectively you must code your account templates / accounts in to the correct category

Current Assets Non Current Assets Current Liabilities Non Current Liabilities Equity

Income COGS Expenses Non Operating Income Non Operating Expenses

or in xml and csv import terms here is the selection field code for your account.account.type

('none','/'), ('income','Profit & Loss (Operating Income Accounts)'), ('cogs', 'Profit & Loss (Cost of Goods Sold Accounts)'), ('expense','Profit & Loss (Operating Expense Accounts)'), ('other_income', 'Profit & Loss (Other Income Accounts)'), ('other_expenses', 'Profit & Loss (Other Expense Accounts)'), ('asset','Balance Sheet (Current Asset Accounts)'), ('fixed_asset', 'Balance Sheet (Non Current Asset Accounts'), ('liability','Balance Sheet (Current Liability Accounts)') ('fixed_liability', 'Balance Sheet (Non Current Liability Accounts)') ('equity', 'Balance Sheet (Equity Accounts)'),

Note while not entirely accurate codes, original codes were reused to keep backward compatibility in case you are importing a chart from a wizard or installer and they have not been updated, because you didn't read these instructions, or you don't know how and will change them in GUI afterwards.

Designed for 6.0.2 by Graeme Gellatly

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