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Required Apps eInvoicing (account)
Technical Name account_constraints
Also available in version v 8.0 v 7.0
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Add contraints in the accounting module of OpenERP to avoid bad usage by users that lead to corrupted datas. This is based on our experience and legal state of the art in other software.

Summary of constraints are:

  • For legal reason (forbiden to modify journal entries which belongs to a closed fy or period) : Forbid to modify the code of an account if journal entries have been already posted on this account. This cannot be simply 'configurable' since it can lead to a lack of confidence in OpenERP and this is what we want to change.
  • Forbid to change the type of account for 'consolidation' and 'view' if there are entries on it or its children.
  • Add a constraint on reconcile object to forbid the reconciliation between different partners.
  • Add a constraint on account move: you cannot pickup a date that is not in the fiscal year of the concerned period (this constraint is not in OpenERP 7.0).
  • Forbid the user to delete any move linked to an invoice. Cancelling invoice still works, of course.
  • Forbid the user to provide a secondary currency which is the same as the company currency (this constraint is not in OpenERP 7.0).
  • Forbid to change the journal of a bank statement if you already have a line in it. This is done in the voucher, because this is the case that breaks: when a voucher is created and you change the journal, it results in having entries generated on various journal which is not consistent.
  • Add contraint for Payment Order: if an invoice is imported in a payment order, forbid to reset the invoice to Cancel or Draft
  • Forbid to remove the reconcile on opening entries. We introduce a new boolean field to distinguish the reconciliations made by the closing process from others.
  • Remove the possibility to modify or delete a move line related to an invoice or a bank statement, no matter what the status of the move (draft, validated or posted). This is useful in a standard context but even more if you're using the account_default_draft_move module. This way you ensure that the user cannot make mistakes: even in draft State, he must pass through the parent object to make his modification.

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