Base Delivery Carrier Files

v 6.1 Third Party 656
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Technical name base_delivery_carrier_files
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Required Apps Warehouse Management (stock)
eInvoicing (account)
Sales Management (sale)
Purchase Management (purchase)

Base module for creation of carrier files (La Poste, TNT Express Shipper, ...). exported as text (csv, ...). It contains the base structure to handle the export of files on Delivery Orders and an API to ease the generation of the files for the developers in sub-modules.

The delivery orders can be grouped in one files or be exported each one in a separate file. The files can be generated automatically on the shipment of a Delivery Order or from a manual action. They are exported to a defined path or in a document directory of your choice if the "document" module is installed.

A generic carrier file is included in the module. It can also be used as a basis to create your own sub-module.

Sub-modules already exist to generate file according to specs of :
  • La Poste (France) : delivery_carrier_file_laposte
  • TNT Express Shipper (France) : delivery_carrier_file_tnt
  • Make your own ! Look at the code of the modules above, it's trivial to create a sub-module for a carrier.

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