Bank Statement Usability improvements

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Required Apps eInvoicing & Payments (account_voucher)
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Technical Name account_bank_statement_voucher
Also available in version v 6.0 v 6.1
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Bank Statement Usability improvements

Usability improvements when using account_voucher in combination with bank_statement processing:

  • Generate & maintain accounting moves from within a bank statement on a line by line basis.
  • Replace the "green/red ball" button by the "arrow" and "delete" buttons.
  • Bank statement line buttons : the green arrow creates/opens Voucher or Move, the Delete button removes draft Vouchers or Moves.
  • For AR/AP general accounts the account_voucher object is used for reconciliation, for other accounts a regular move is created.
  • When no partner has been entered on the bank statement line a search view is presented to find and select matching AR/AP transactions without a partner filter.
  • An intermediate selection screen is presented in case of multiple outstanding invoices. This screen is pre-filled with the matching line(s).
  • The reconciled amount is shown on the bank statement line. An exclamation mark indicates differences between the paid amount and the open transactions.
  • The possibility to delete a Bank Statement with associated Posted Vouchers or Moves has been disabled.
  • Tax Codes and Tax Base Amounts can be added to the generated Accounting Moves in order to facilitate the encoding of bank costs.
  • The Bank Statement Confirm behaviour has been changed: at Confirm time a Posted Move will be created for Bank Statement Lines with no or Draft Moves.
  • Accounting Entry Changes are blocked for Moves linked to a Confirmed Bank Statement.
  • The creation of Payment Voucher on Confirmed Bank Statements is not allowed.
  • Otherwise 'orphaned' Voucher Lines are removed when the associated Accounting Entry Line is deleted.
  • Remove Vouchers created from an invoice (e.g. via invoice 'Payment' button) when the invoice is cancelled.
  • Remove Vouchers created from a bank statement line when the Voucher reference is removed from the bank statement line.
  • Generate Voucher number and Move name from bank statement number and line.
  • Update Partner records with Bank Account Number information during reconciliation (including BBAN->IBAN conversion).

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