Common financial reports

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Technical name account_financial_report
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Required Apps eInvoicing (account)

Multiporpuse Accounting report generator.

From the wizard you will be asked to provide information needed to create your report.

Not only you can set the option within the wizard you can create your own Customized Account Financial Reports, in here, you will be able to create Templates for generating Two types of Reports: Balance Sheets and Income Statements, incluiding Analytic Ledgers. Besides, you can select within a set of choices to get better detailed report, be it that you ask it by one or several periods, by months (12 Months + YTD), or by quarters (4QRT's + YTD). Even you can get your reports in currencies other than the one set on your company.

In the [ Account's Sign on Reports ] Section in the Company will be able to set the sign conventions for the Accounts, so that you will be able to see in positives Values in your reports for those accounts with Accreditable nature where appropriate

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