Advance and Additional discount

v 7.0 Third Party 1044
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Technical name advance_and_additional_discount
Required Apps Sales Management (sale)
Warehouse Management (stock)
Purchase Management (purchase)
eInvoicing (account)
eInvoicing & Payments (account_voucher)
Included Dependencies

This module add 3 new features, Additional Discount and Advance Amount (Advance and Deposit) and lastly, the Retention.

For Additional Discount, it is the same as additional_discount module, and quite easy to use by self.

For Advance Amount, following are how it works,

  • First, Accounting or Advancement need to be assigned in Settings > Configurations > Accounting
  • Once this module, Create Invoice options on Sales Order will list Advance Method (Fixed and Percentage) only for the first invoice creation (was freely available without this module).
  • If user select the first invoice as Advance invoice with percentage or fixed amount, the percentage will be kept in Advance Percentage field in that Sales Order.
  • For Advance, all the followings invoices from that Sales Order will be deducted with the percentage specified on Sales order
  • For Deposit, the full amount will be deducted in the 2nd invoice.
  • Applicable for both Sales and Purchases Order.
  • Accounting for invoice will be posted in regards to the deducted amount.

For Retention, following are how it works,

  • Create invoice wizard (from SO), will ask if you have retention (%).
  • If you specify the retention, it will be kept that % in SO, and any retention amount will be deducted from After Tax amount.
  • All the following invoices will then have the retention amount.

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