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Required Apps Sales Management (sale)
Employee Directory (hr)
eInvoicing & Payments (account_voucher)
Technical Name analytic_multicurrency
Also available in version v 6.1 v 8.0
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Multi-Currency in Analytic Accounting

This module improves OpenERP multi-currency handling in analytic accounting, overall for multi-company.

This module is based on the work made in all c2c_multicost* available on the v5.0 stable version and allows you to share analytic account between company (even if currency differs in each one).


  • Adapt the owner of analytic line (= to company that own the general account associated with an analytic line)
  • Add multi-currency on analytic lines (similar to financial accounting)
  • Correct all "costs" indicators into analytic account to base them on the right currency (owner's company)
  • By default, nothing changes for single company implementation.

As a result, we can now really share the same analytic account between companies that do not have the same currency. This setup becomes True, Enjoy !

  • Company A: EUR - Company B: CHF
  • Analytic Account A: USD, owned by Company A
    • Analytic Account B: CHF, owned by Company A
    • Analytic Account C: EUR, owned by Company B

The difference with the regular 'Amount Currency':

  • Regular 'Amount Currency' displays the amount currency of the related move line (only when linked with a move line, of course)
  • Analytic Amount Currency displays the amount of the analytic move line converted to the right currency

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