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Technical Name base_phone
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Base Phone

This module validate phone numbers using the phonenumbers Python library, which is a port of the library used in Android smartphones. For example, if your user is linked to a French company and you update the form view of a partner with a badly written French phone number such as '01-55-42-12-42', Odoo will automatically update the phone number to E.164 format '+33155421242' and display in the form view of the partner the readable equivalent '+33 1 55 42 12 42'.

This module also adds tel: links on phone numbers and fax: links on fax numbers. If you have a softphone or a client software on your PC that is associated with tel: links, the softphone should propose you to dial the phone number when you click on such a link.

This module also updates the format() function for reports and adds 2 arguments :

  • phone : should be True for a phone number, False (default) otherwize.
  • phone_format : it can have 3 possible values :
    • international (default) : the report will display '+33 1 55 42 12 42'
    • national : the report will display '01 55 42 12 42'
    • e164 : the report will display '+33155421242'

For example, in the Sale Order report, to display the phone number of the Salesman, you can write : o.user_id and o.user_id.phone and format(o.user_id.phone, phone=True, phone_format='national') or ''

This module is independant from the Asterisk connector.

Please contact Alexis de Lattre from Akretion <alexis.delattre@akretion.com> for any help or question about this module.

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