Configurable model name_get() descriptions

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Technical name base_util_refcodes
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Configurable model name_get() descriptions. Provides reusable python methods that simplify custom object name rendering:

Methods provided:

Given a template mask and a list of fields names, render the name_get(). All fields need to have value for the template to be applied. If not, uses the default name_ger (e.g. _rec_name)
Performs the search on a given list of fields.

Usage example:

from base_name_tools import name_tools

def name_get(self, cr, uid, ids, context=None):
return name_tools.extended_name_get(self, cr, uid, ids,
'[%(ref)s] %(name)s', ['ref', 'name'], context=context)

# ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ # template mask field list

def name_search(self, cr, user, name='', args=None, operator='ilike',

context=None, limit=100): return name_tools.extended_name_search(self, cr, user, name, args,

operator, context=context, limit=limit, keys=['ref', 'name'])

# ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ # field list to search

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