Salary Rule Variables

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Technical name hr_salary_rule_variable
Required Apps Employee Directory (hr)
Leave Management (hr_holidays)
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Salary Rule Variables

Salary rule variables are amounts or python expressions that change over the years. This module allows to compute these variables and reference them from salary rules.

The purpose of this module is to be able to adapt a complexe salary structures (e.g. the canadian income tax structure) from one year to another without going each time through the whole testing procedure.

Numbers change but the whole logic stays the same.

How to use it

In the python script of a salary rule, you may call it via the payslip browsable object:

variable = payslip.get_rule_variable(rule_id, payslip.date_from)

rule_id always refer to the current rule.

If you need more than one variable for a salary rule, use a python dict.


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