Indian Tax Category

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Technical Name l10n_in_account_tax
Also available in version v 7.0
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Indian Tax Category

Categorize tax to differentiate taxes during computation and calculations

Added tax category on tax which will be useful to get exact amount of tax levied on different types of services, goods, etc. (e.g. Excise, Service Tax, Cess, etc.)

It also fixes the base amount calculation when children taxes are applied.

How it works?

While creating a tax, you can select relevant category which will be used to group/differentiate the tax.

e.g. If you select category "VAT" on the all VAT taxes configured in the system, it will be very easy to get amount of tax levied on different VAT.

Available Tax Categories

  • Central Excise
  • Cess
  • Higher Education Cess
  • VAT
  • Additional VAT
  • Central Sales Tax
  • Service Tax
  • Tax Deducted at Source
  • Tax Collected at Source
  • C Form
  • H Form
  • Import Duty
  • Other

Fixes base amount when children taxes are applied

This module also fixes the base amount of tax in case of tax on children taxes. In following tax configuration, base amount for VAT 5% should be total amount after Excise 12% applied with children taxes.


  • Excise 12%
    • Education Cess 2%
    • Higher Education Cess 1%
  • VAT 5%


  • Excise 12%
    • Base: 100
    • Amount: 100 * (0.12) = 12
  • Education Cess 2%
    • Base: 12
    • Amount: 12 * (0.02) = 0.24
  • Higher Education Cess 1%
    • Base: 12
    • Amount: 12 * (0.01) = 0.12
  • VAT 5%
    • Base: 100 + 12 + 0.24 + 0.12 = 112.36
    • Amount: 112.36 * (0.05) = 5.62

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