Odoo Global Search

v 7.0 Third Party 3

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Technical name odoo_global_search
Read description for v 9.0 v 8.0


1. Don't need to go to individual object(like sales, purchase, invoices etc..) to search records
2. Find all objects data at one click at one place
3. Search using different attributes.
For Example, in Sales Order we can search using -
-partner name,
-product name,
-partner reference,
-user name etc..

Likewise in other objects---
Purchase Order-
Order name, Partner name, partner reference, Origin, User name, Product Code, Product name etc..

Partner name, Address(street, city, country, state, zip, email, mobile, contact, website) etc..

Partner name, Origin, Name, Number, Users etc..

Pickings(DOs, Incomming Shipments)-
Partner name, Origin, Name etc..

Partner name, Journal, Reference, Name, Number etc...

Scheduled/Logged Calls-
Name, Description, Users etc..

Name, Description, Users, Categories, Partners

Tested on OpenERP 7.0 final version

How to use

Single module to install is - Odoo Global Search - Main (global_search_openerp)

Find Menu at top menubar - Odoo Global Search

Configurations menu - Configurations

Menu to enter search query- Search Query


Search result for string - SO001

Search result for string - Agrolait

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