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Technical Name sale_quotation_number
Versions 16.0 10.0 7.0 8.0 11.0 12.0 13.0 14.0 15.0
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This module adds a sale quotation sequence.


Sale Quotation: Sale process in draft stage just informing prices and element of communication. Sale Order: Sale process confirmed, the customer already have a compromise with us in terms of pay an invoice and receive our product or service.

Originally OpenERP manage only 1 sequence for this 2 documents, then the sales order won and lost manage the same sequence losting almost all lost quotations in terms of sequences, making so difficult understand qith a quick view if we are good or bad in terms of logistic and sale process already confirmed.

Technical Explanation:

When you create a quotation, it is numbered using the 'sale.quotation' sequence. When you confirm a quotation, its orginal number is saved in the 'origin' field and the sale order gets a new number, retrieving it from 'sale.order' sequence.

With Openerp Base.

Sale Quotation 1 Number = SO001 Sale Quotation 2 Number = SO002 Sale Quotation 3 Number = SO003 Sale Quotation 4 Number = SO004

Sale Quotation 2 Confirmed = Number for Sale Order SO004

With Openerp + This Module.

Sale Quotation 1 Number = SQ001 Sale Quotation 2 Number = SQ002 Sale Quotation 3 Number = SQ003 Sale Quotation 4 Number = SQ004

Sale Quotation 2 Confirmed = Number for Sale Order SO001 from Sale Quotation SQ002

Sale Quotation 1 Confirmed = Number for Sale Order SO002 from Sale Quotation SQ001

Sale Quotation 4 Confirmed = Number for Sale Order SO003 from Sale Quotation SQ004

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Jaafar Bazzi
on 7/8/21, 6:12 AM

I have an error  during the installation of this app

Please find the error log below:

Error while importing module 'sale_quotation_number'.

 while parsing /tmp/tmp84cko7nd/sale_quotation_number/views/sales_config.xml:5, near

<record id="res_config_settings_view_form_quotation_number" model="ir.ui.view">

        <field name="name">Quotation number configuration</field>

        <field name="model">res.config.settings</field>

        <field name="inherit_id" ref="sale.res_config_settings_view_form"/>

        <field name="arch" type="xml">

            <xpath expr="//field[@name='group_proforma_sales']/../.." position="after">

                <div class="col-12 col-lg-6 o_setting_box">

                    <div class="o_setting_left_pane">

                        <field name="keep_name_so"/>


                    <div class="o_setting_right_pane">

                        <label for="keep_name_so"/>

                        <div class="text-muted">

                            If this is unchecked, quotations use a different sequence from sale orders







 Make sure those modules are installed and try again.

Looking forward for Your feedback 


Jaafar Bazzi
on 7/8/21, 5:41 AM

I have an error  during the installation of this app

Please find attached images related to the error code in the link below:

Odoo app error - Google Drive

Looking forward for Your feedback