Automatic Fiscal Year Sequences

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Technical Name account_auto_fy_sequence
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Automatic creation of fiscal year sequences

This module adds the possibility to use the %(fy)s placeholder in sequences. %(fy)s is replaced by the fiscal year code when using the sequence.

The first time the sequence is used for a given fiscal year, a specific fiscal year sequence starting at 1 is created automatically.

The module also replaces %(year)s by %(fy)s in the default prefix for new journals, assuming it is a safer default.


/!If you change %(year)s to %(fy)s on a sequence that has already been used for the current fiscal year, make sure to manually create the fiscal year sequence for the current fiscal year and initialize it's next number to the correct value. For this reason, the module will forbid the user to change a sequence from %(year)s to %(fy)s if it's next number is > 1.

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  • St├ęphane Bidoul (ACSONE)


  • Laetitia Gangloff (ACSONE)

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