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Technical Name account_default_draft_move
Also available in version v 6.1 v 7.0
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Move in draft state by default

In Odoo there is a flag "Skip draft moves" on accounting journals that controls if newly created account moves stay in draft state or are posted immediately. This flag is honored throughout the system except for invoices and bank statements, for which moves are posted as soon as the documents are validated. Therefore, to correct errors on invoices and bank statement after their validation, one is obliged to install the account_cancel module, which in turn potentially enables the cancellation of all account moves. This is considered dangerous by some.

To work around this issue, this module does the following:

  • It makes sure the flag "Skip draft moves" is always honored, including when validating invoices and bank statements [1]. This enables different workflows, such as 1/ the automatic posting of moves coming from some journals (such as invoices coming from e-commerce), or 2/ moves remaining in draft state, letting accountants validate them and correct the corresponding invoices before posting the moves.
  • It hides the Cancel button on account moves unless account_cancel is installed and cancellation is allowed on the corresponding journal.

[1] provided the parameter is set in Settings > Configuration, if this parameter is not set the moves generated from invoices and bank statement always remain in draft state ignoring the "Skip draft move flag" on account journal. This parameter is not set by default for backward compatibility with previous versions of account_default_draft_move.


To install this module, you need to:

  • Click on install button


To configure this module, you need go to:

  • Settings > Configuration > Accounting, and configure the checkbox "Use journal setting to post journal entries on invoice and bank statement validation" (if not checked, invoice and bank statement move stay in draft state).
  • On the sale/purchase and bank journals, configure the "Skip draft move flag" to suit your needs.


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Known issues / Roadmap

  • the visibility of the Post button on account moves should be made configurable (this module currently hides it unconditionally)
  • in 9.0, the parameter should be removed and always honoring the "Skip draft state" flag should become the default

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