Force Invoice Number

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v 8.0 Third Party 2664
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Technical name account_invoice_force_number
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Required Apps eInvoicing (account)

This module allows to force the invoice numbering. It displays the internal_number field. If user fills that field, the typed value will be used as invoice (and move) number. Otherwise, the next sequence number will be retrieved and saved. So, the new field has to be used when user doesn't want to use the default invoice numbering for a specific invoice.

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ParseError: "ValidateError Field(s) `arch` failed against a constraint: Invalid view definition Error details: Element '' cannot be located in parent view Error context: View `account.invoice.form.int_number` [view_id: 1329, xml_id: account_invoice_force_number.account_invoice_form_int_number, model: account.invoice, parent_id: 809]" while parsing file:///C:/addons/account_invoice_force_number/invoice_view.xml:5, near account.invoice.form.int_numberaccount.invoice{'invisible': [('state', '!=', 'draft')]}Force NumberForce invoice number. Use this field if you don't want to use the default numbering0