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Technical Name chricar_view_id
Also available in version v 6.1 v 7.0
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usage: get_id('your_view_name',param1,param2,param3,param4)

This function will always return the SAME unique id for a certain combination of parameters for a view.

Hint 1: you do not need this function if the unique id can easily be calculated during the grouping. Example:

  • easy: group by product_id
  • more complex: group by account_id, period_id
  • very complex: group by account_id, period_id, currency_id

Hint 2: for large tables (100000 rec) performance gain of factor 10x and more split the grouping operation and the get_id into 2 views


select get_id(tablename,param1,param2,...), param1, param2, ... sum(field1), ...
group by get_id(tablename,param1,param2,...) ,param1,param2,...


  1. view1:
select ....
group by param1,param2,...
  1. view2:
select get_id('view1',param1,param2,...),* from view1;
(no group by here)

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