v 6.1 v 7.0 v 8.0 Third Party 1162
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Required Apps MRP (mrp)
Warehouse Management (stock)
Technical Name mrp_reopen
Also available in version v 6.1 v 7.0
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Allows reopening of confirmed production orders.

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on 6/2/15, 3:44 AM

In odoo v8.0 20150503 there are errors regarding netsvc. I found in netsvc.py an explanation to this problem: "The openerp.netsvc.LocalService() function is deprecated" so, I have changed the line wf_service = netsvc.LocalService("workflow") for wf_service = openerp.workflow in mrp.py from mrp_reopen module. It seems to work now.

Errors regarding netsvc
on 7/5/16, 6:31 AM

The fix didn't work for me. When trying "Rest to draft" it will gain create this error message: ... File "/opt/odoo/openerp/addons/mrp_reopen/mrp.py", line 119, in action_reopen wf_service = openerp.workflow NameError: global name 'netsvc' is not defined. My line 118-120: self.write(cr, uid, mrp.id, {'state':'draft'}) wf_service = openerp.workflow wf_service.trg_delete(uid, 'mrp.production', mrp.id, cr) Any idea, what to do?