Supplier Rounding Method

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Technical name purchase_supplier_rounding_method
Required Apps Warehouse Management (stock)
Purchase Management (purchase)
eInvoicing (account)
Included Dependencies
License: AGPL-3

Purchase Supplier Rounding Method

This module extend account module, to add new rounding method used by some suppliers. The new rounding method is used for purchase orders and In invoices.

Use Case

Some of suppliers compute invoice line subtotal differently than Odoo.

In Odoo, by default:

` price_subtotal = round(unit_price * (1 - discount / 100) * qty)`


For some suppliers:

` price_subtotal = round(round(unit_price * (1 - discount / 100)) * qty)`


This module manage this second case to generate supplier invoices with the same value.


  • Add a new field 'rounding_method' on a partner with two keys:
    • 'normal': classical computation method, by default.
    • 'round_net_price': round a firt time the net price, and then round again.



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